Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ring a ling ling

On of our local radio stations offered chances to qualify for a give-away. The prize was a $2,500 diamond engagement ring. SInce my 20th wedding anniversary is about 7 weeks away - I really, really wanted it. Shoot. I wanted it anyway - but that is my excuse to want it. Anyway - you know I wouldn't be writing about this unless I qualified for a chance. Pure luck. I never seem to get through to these things. So...

I went today. Showed my proof of ID, got my gold Christmas ornament with the number 45 on it, and put it in the box along with the other ornaments placed their by people that showed up. Oh yeah, you had to be present to win. Then we waited. While I waited I saw the ring. White gold with a yellow (topaz?) LARGE round stone and diamons all around it. Yep - I wanted it. So did everyone else there. While we waited they did door prizes. I won an itty bitty fm radio - perfect to take to they gym (since I don't have an ipod or mp3 player.... hey santa... did you read that?. When the appointed time arrived, they did the drawing. It was... number... forty.... six! Not 45. rats. Oh well, the nice tall pretty lady that came in last won it.

So I left. As I was walking out, the phone rang. I thought it was hubby calling to tell me he was listening to the radio and heard it. But it was his sister. The one who works at her best friend's fine jewelry store just for fun. She wanted me to come over and look at some jewelry - rings to be exact. My hubby had spied a couple of affordable rings - and he knows I just love getting CZ's and sterling silver because they look real. So I went. They only had 2 rings. One was too big. Then she went to get the other one. It looked almost like the one they were giving away. Yes, with a light yellow BIG stone in the center. So...... Ring a Ling Ling. I didn't win the big diamond engagement ring, but I still came home with a ring on my hand. If you see me out and about - you must say "oh, is that your new ring???"

I know - i know - pics. picss. I'll get to them.
I'm off for a nap right now. My little one had an upset tummy in the wee hours of the morning.


Anabelle said...

Is that a new ring on your finger??? Well, congrats, girl! :) Great story. I can't wait to see it.

Lynn Anne said... time I see ya out and about ;)