Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pssttt..... wanna take a peek?

No - I'm not talking about peeking at Christmas gifts! How about a peek at some of Flair Designs new collection! This faith-based collection is called Amazing Grace. This collection has 14 beautiful papers and four sticker sheets! Here is a peek at a couple of projects with it.

Now... back to peeking at Christmas gifts. How many of you will fess up to peeking at their gifts? You know who you are. I confess. I did it one year. Just one year and one year only. Some of my friends at school were talking about how they would carefully unwrap their gifts and see what was in them, then wrap them back up. Okay - so I tried it. I do not recommend it. I knew what each package was and when Christmas Day came, it was absolutely NO fun to open the gifts. No way will I ever do that again. I really WANT to be surprised.

Now, on the subject of surprises. If any of you men are reading this, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT buy your wife's gifts, then put them in a plastic storage container in the bedroom closet that you both share. And do not casually say "oh, by the way, don't look in the plastic storage container in the closet", because, your wife may say "okay, I won't" and about 2-3 days later looks. Because, THEN you will have to go BACK to the department store and exchange what you got her because you "suddenly" get a detailed list from your wife with SPECIFIC requests and most importantly - sizes.... and you will have to hurry back to the department store before everything good gets sold out and do an exchange.

Trust me, men. Don't do it.

Anyway - stay safe and gently shake the gifts under the tree with your name on them, but don't shake them too hard, or squeeze them too tight, and never, never, never peek.

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Lynn Anne said...

gotta tell you...I'd *rather* knwo where *not* to look. i almost always stumble on the gift, the email about the gift, the receipt from the gift...dh is a stinky hider. I'd be better off knowing where to avoid!