Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just another day...

...and I had to ask hubby what day of the week it is. Seems like the days after Christmas just get fuzzy. No school schedule. No more holiday rush. Just staying in the house in sweat pants (or pajamas). And a fire. We finally got to use the fireplace. When the Saturday rainwater freezes in the sandbox, you know it's cold enough.

I finished up an assignment yesterday. Today I washed clothes and vaccummed. I cleaned my scrap table but haven't done anything new... yet. But I will.

Here's some pics of my little miss with new boots from one of her aunts. And it was the perfect day to get them. Louisiana rain

And some more Christmas pics. This was taken right before we headed to the country to the grandparents. I didn't even coordinate their clothes. Nice little brother/sister photo shoot.... until big brother elbows little sister. Such is life.


Lynn Anne said...

oh, no! What a face..isn't he too old to be elbowing little sisters by now??

LOVE the sweet rain pics though - I've seen those boots online, they are the cutest! Feel free to send them to me for Kaycie when your little miss outgrows them ;)


Anabelle said...

Glad you had a great Christmas! Love the photos of the kids(the second one with little Miss cracks me up!)She looks adorable in her boots, too!