Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fa La La La La

I went to the mall today after church (by myself) and got a few Christmas gifts. I brought them home and put them in the bedroom closet. Then I locked myself and my little miss in the bedroom (with the dog, of course) to wrap. I would take an empty box and go in the closet along with tissue paper, shut the door, put the gift in the box, and come out with the sealed box. Then she would pick out paper and I would tell her where to cut it.

"What's in this box, Mom?"
"Oh, its a PRESENT"
"But what is it?
"It's a secret!"

I know better than to tell a 5 year old girl what is in the box. Unless you want it repeated. She'd continue to help me wrap, then pick out a bow. Sometimes I let her fill out the tags (but it's hard for a 5 year old to write legibly on a small gift tag). The first two were for her Grandpa (I let her peek at the contents of that one hoping she'll forget soon). The next two were for her brother. I told her NOT to tell him that he had new presents and sent her with them to the tree. Her brother came into the room because I forgot to lock the door telling me how funny she was as she put them under the tree saying to him "You have some presents!!" So much for sneaking them under the tree.

Then I went back in the closet.

"Where are you going, Mom?"
"To Santa's workshop to get more presents"
I shouldn't have told her that.
"I want to go see Santa's workshop!"

I could feel the door as she tried to push it open as I shoved another gift into a box. As we wrapped this one, she smiled when I wrote her name beside the word "To". Surprisingly, she didn't even ask what it was. Nor did she ask to open it. I went back to the closet again. This time the dog followed me in. Did she smell the bag of dog treats I got her? Gee, I forgot they were in there. I'll have to remember to put them someplace higher than her nose.

We sang Christmas songs with silly made up lyrics, curled ribbons on the boxes, and wrapped a few more gifts.

"Mom! Look, the tree has LOTS of presents!"
"Yes! Yes it does!"

And how was your Sunday?

Here are a few more projects with Flair's new Amazing Grace line.

I'm off for more shopping in the morning. Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Or do you like that last minute hustle and bustle? I'm actually LOVING seeing all those 50% off signs.

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