Monday, July 31, 2006

Mrs. Betty's and Croppers Island

What? Who is Mrs. Betty and where is Cropper's Island - you ask? Whoever you want her to be and where ever you are! These are two AWESOME tee shirt designs that are the co-production of my LSS owner and one of her designers. These shirts were revealed for the first time July 15 at the Scrapbook Celebration convention in our city. They were a hit and some of the sizes sold out the first day. Mrs. Betty's is a teal with "Mrs. Betty" in red. Cropper's Island is brown with a blue tropical beach and cute flower. (**Click on the pics to see larger)

Here are the shirts together. (Maraya, the store owner, me in the Mrs. Betty tee, and Emery the graphic designer).

Could these shirts BE any more fun!!?? Terri, Emery and Maraya are modeling Cropper's Island tees (see, you just can't help but have fun in these tees). I'd LOVE to hear your feedback on these. They just MAY pop up at a convention near you - so please - feedback is appreciated! (pssstt.. if you leave lots of raving comments - I may can persuade her to let me rak one!)

Oh - and for those that want one NOW - you'll have to contact The Scrap Shack. Tell her where you saw them so she'll know the power of the Peas really does work! New designs are coming.... I'll show pics as soon as they are ready!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! Yesterday was my daughter's last day of swimming lessons. She loves the water but has no interest in getting her face wet. OH WELL! Maybe next year.

Today was a perfectly overcast sky. A nice layer of clouds to insulate us a tad from the heat, which also makes for perfect photo shoots in mid day. I'm off to my LSS to crop until midnight! Gotta get those swimming photos done!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Do You UHU?

Do you UHU? I've joined Maria Filosa in posting some projects that I make using UHU. Check back soon for my review. Click her website if you'd like to UHU, too!

I have a little secret. I know, don't you hate it when people say "I have something to share but can't tell you right now". So it's my turn to do it.

CHA! Jennifer Ellefson shared some pics of the Everlasting Keepsakes booth with those of us that didn't go to CHA in Chicago, including a photo of Faith and Darien Courtney, owners of the company.

Meanwhile, I can't wait to try UHU on the Everlasting Keepsakes chipboard!

*Click on the photos to enlarge them*

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The last box is heading out to Chicago (SNEAK PEEK)

I'm shipping my last box of creations for CHA today! Yeah. That means I can clean off my dining room table (from convention class supplies), clean up my scraproom (we won't talk about that!) and then clean the house.

The last box of creations is for the Everlasting Keepsakes booth (#1916). Stop by and visit if you are there and take a peek at some of their new products. Here are a few of the pages I made for the booth. The first one shows the NEW Chinese words chipboard! (Scan doesn't show the images as well!)

The next one show the tall letters (the "D" in dream). These are also NEW!

Meanwhile - back to cleaning up. THat should keep my mind off all the fun my friends are having at the CHA Summer Convention!! Wish I were there. Be sure to stop by the 2Peas Pub saturday - there is a party for the stay-at-homes!

Monday, July 17, 2006

If I'm a dog person...then

....why are there four cats living in my house?

Last weekend I heard a neighborhood dachshund barking on our street. I "know" the bark of a dachshund because I've had them all my life. I opened the window and told it to "go home" (2 blocks over) and it did. The next morning it was back. This time I decided to go out and see why it was coming to our street. Very odd behavior. Well, there was another dog and it seemed they were barking at a cat. The cat was in the street in front of our house. I told the dogs to "go home" (and they did). I went to the cat to see if it had been hit by a car, bitten,etc... It was "acting a bit weird" (which to me means - it didn't run away when I approached it). Other than it looked starved - I didn't notice anything - but I had huge compassion and took it a chicken breast and put it by the mailbox. I know, I know - you don't feed a cat - but I decided I'd live with the consequences.

The next morning my hubby was off work, and we heard her. He said "Your cat is calling you". At least the dogs weren't out there. It sat outside the front door and cried that mornng. We went to a movie before noon, and hubby got home first. The cat was in the garage with 3 kittens. I left the garage door up 6 inches in case the post man needed to leave a box. Well, I got a delivery - but not a package. We made a bed in our dog's pet carrier and gave her food and water. We checked on her periodically and left the garage door cracked for her at night so she could roam. The next day I came home from an errand and there was only 1 kitten in the box. I freaked. I called the shelter (who was full anyway) and she said the mother may have abandoned it - or was moving them. I have to admit- the garage was hot - we live in the south. She began to tell me how to care for a newborn kitten and my jaw dropped. I told her "I will FIND that momma". So I went outside and called her - well, not being my cat I didn't know her name or how to call her - but "here kitty, kitty" seemed to work. She came from the shrubs. I immediately picked her up and put her in the pet crate with the kitty and told her to feed it. I had no idea how long it had been abandoned or if it even was. I then had my son to carefully seek out the babies in the bushes - which he did. We put them back in and I locked her in. I discussed this with the shelter and we all agreed to hold them hostage in my laundry room for their well-being.

now - you must realize - I am a dog person - and I live with a dachshund. So having 4 cats in my laundry room (oh, and I'm allergic to cats - achoooo!) is strange. ANyhoo - it's been almost 1 week and miss little stray cat and her babies are doing well. She's gained alot of weight and is very friendly. The cat shelter has a waiting list which we are on, but the good news is that they will be moving to a new location in 3 or 2 weeks and they think they will have room. I know we will miss "fun kitten play time" b/c they will just be getting around by them, but I will know they are well cared for and will hopefully go to a good home.

Meanwhile - I keep having to apologize to my dachshund for the strange noises in the laundry room and why mom disappears behind the door for short cat visits. Anyhoo - if you saw my earlier post about the baby birds and "empty nest" syndrome - I guess this is my fix for that. I'll get some pics later. Want one? Want them all? I'll throw in the pet carrier, cat food, and kitty litter for free.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Have you seen these?

Have you seen the Simply Ribbon Tailored Tins from Paper Salon? How about the Oodles of Doodles??? Or the Hemlines? These are just three of the 11 new Tailored Tins coming out at CHA this summer! Take a peek HERE!

If you can view my side bar gallery - I used the Simply Ribbon stamps on "My Girl" for the flower stems. Check out the 2 peas gallery for Paper Salon CHA Sneak Peeks!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

More on Aqua Dog

Okay - I can't seem to get any more pics on the other post for my amazing aqua dog - so here she is in all her glory - acrobatically dancing with the stream of water.

More Paper Salon Peeks

Just a few links to wet your whistle:



and a couple of tins:

Some of the New Tailored Tins!

Summer Fun

Are you looking for more Paper Salon sneak peeks? Well, it will be later today. The first peeks are in the previous blog. How about some entertainment while you wait?

My kids went walking down to their grandpa's sunflower garden. Yes, I said sunflower garden. When grandpa does something, he does it big. Not one but two very, very, very long rows of sunflowers. Why?It's for the birds. Really. So, we all went to see the sunflowers up close and personal, but there was a problem. He had just tilled the dirt around the rows Dark, rich, yummy garden dirt and it had rained. Yes - that means mud. Squishy, gooshy mud. Me and Arielle opted to go barefoot, but Daniel borrowed a pair of Grannies shoes. So off we went.

Now I have to tell you about Jasmine. Jazzy isn't a typical dog. Jazzy LOVES the water, is known to have voluntarily jumped into Arielle's kiddie pool, and drinks from the faucet. She LIKES you to squirt her with the super squirt gun, and in these pics, she's jumping up and biting the water spout from the water hose. Meet Jazzy - the amazing aqua dog.

(okay - I have more pics to upload but blogger isn't cooperating. I'll try again later)

Friday, July 07, 2006

I've got another Sneak Peek!!

It's time for another sneak peek! The girls at Paper Salon have been given the greenlight! Check back here or check out A Peek Into Yesterday or Lifetime Moments for more images! Here's a couple: The first is a little bit of "Dazzle" along with some - should I tell ya?.. okay okay - holiday Tailored tins!!!

Next we have some Tribeca with a splash of more tailored tins.... this time the flavor is flourishes. Yumm!!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday, America!

Have a wonderful holiday and remember to be thankful for our freedom.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Flair CHA Sneak Peek!

Stay tuned early Monday morning for some sneak peeks of some upcoming CHA releases from...... well, stay tuned. How about a pic while you wait?

UPDATE!! You can read more about the new release at this 2 Peas Thread!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Scrapbooks, Etc.

Scrapbooks, Etc / Better Homes & Gardens has a blog full of wonderful scrapbook pages and information. They requested a scrapbook page of me and my hubby for an upcoming idea book, but then changed the idea book plans. So my page was in limbo. Imagine my surprise when I found the page! You can find it HERE! Scroll down to the very bottom. If you click on the photo, it will come up larger.

I'm off to a Patriotic production at church. My son is going to be one of the Iwo Jima soldiers (raising the flag). I hope the lighting allows me to get some pics!