Friday, March 30, 2007

No One is Home

...waving hi at Margaret!! Don't bother reading here until next week. Have a wonderful week everyone. Oh - and I found out this morning that one of the girls I've been on 3 Design Teams with is going to be there, too! We're meeting up at Epcot. I can't wait! Meeting her will be fun. You'll have to wait until I get back to find out who she is!!! We're off!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Scrapbooking on a Budget?

Budget, what is that??? he he he

Julia Sandvoss (one of my Paper Salon sisters) challenged me and several other designers to create pages that cost less than $3. See how much I spent on this 'budget' page and see more examples from designers at Scrapbooking on a Budget

Meanwhile, I have tried to take care of last minute papercraft projects AND clean AND pack. Not doing too good on the last two, but I still have another day. I did get a request from Papercrafts for the "Room to Room" issue. I had to decline an assignemnt because I'll be gone all next week, but I told them if they could extend the deadline.... still hoping they will. **(Update - they gave me an extension...yipppeee)**

A bit of personal Disney triva for ya. Did you know that I actually participated in the Mickey Mouse 50th Birthday Parade in Magic Kingdom? That was 1978!! Our high school band marched in the parade. Imagine entering Magic Kingdom via the "backdoor" and actually seeing Minnie Mouse walking around without her head! I think the photos for this are in the attic. (not of headless Minnie, silly, just of us kids). I really wanted to post a few (even tho they are terrible photo taken with a 110 camera...remember those??). I did, however, find a link online to someone's photos of the event. Look here Mickey's 50th Birthday Parade

...the journey begins in less than 2 days.....

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Many Minnies....

just 5 more days......

Monday, March 26, 2007

Dear Granny...

Dear Granny

I sure do love my new outfits.

Thanks so much. Here is a photo of me wearing my new clothes today.



Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Shout Out to the New CK Hall of Fame 2007 Girls!

Congratulations to the new 2007 Creating Keepsakes Hall of Famers! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your already inspiring work.
Check out the complete list

here and if you click on each person's name, you can hear the special phone call from Lisa.

And lets not forget the Honorable Mentions! Shoot - I think everyone that put together an entry deserves a prize.
I bow to each of you.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's a Puppy!!!

okay- okay- not a "real" puppy. This is a story about my silly little dachshund Jasmine. Her adventures inspired me to write my first entry in a blog. So what's up with her now? She thinks she's a mommy! This isn't the first time she's done this. More like, at least the third. I've lost count. Her puppy is a little pink puppy that I brought back to her from my trip to California. When I told Arielle I had suprises for her and daddy and Daniel, she said "What about Jasmine?". So the next store I went in - believe it or not, had pint size pet toys. It was just a toy until last week. It is now her pride and joy. She carries it everywhere with her and, until we put her bed in the pet carrier (which we only use when we need to confine her - a rare thing) she was unsettled. She roamed from room to room whimpering. I tried putting her in our closet, but she wasn't satisfied. One night Jeff told me to go look in Arielle's stuffed animal toybox and there she was, nestled in on top of Minnie Mouse and a lion, nursing her fake pink baby. Arielle didn't want her in her room (poor Jazzy), so that is when we got the crate out. It has been her sanctuary. Want a peek at the new mommy and her bundle of fluff?

I guess I need to make a scrapbook page about Jazzy's and her baby. Really, I miss my dog. She stays in her "nursery" all day. I have to make her come out to eat and do doggy biz.

I'm loving my new work space. I'll be working some brand spanking new product this week for product packaging. I'm so glad my room is ready for fresh inspiration. Speaking of inspiration - these are the first two layouts I've created in my new room.

The first is using 'Story of a Seed' collection from Dream Street papers.

This spring page uses Karen Neuberger's Serenity line from Paper Salon.

And a note to Margaret. I'm so sorry I haven't blogged regularly in like - forever. I'll try to remember that you need to rest your eyes from all the paper work and try to make your visit here worth your while - but - well, things aren't THAT interesting. LOL So glad you have a slew of other scrapbooker blogs to stalk. *wink*

A new look!

For my scraproom. (My blog will get a new look - soon!) For the past few months we knew we would be doing some major things in the house, and in my scraproom/office. Back in November Jeff went to Dallas and brought back the huge Expedit shelves from Ikea. I saw photos of Hilary's scraproom and immediately wanted those shelves. (way to expensive to ship...another story). When Jeff said he was going to Dallas - bingo! I have to add - I still absolutely covet Hilary's scraproom. That's still another story. Love it Love it! Thanks, Hilary, for the inspiration. Once I "saw" a way out of my chaos, I knew I could do it.

Anyway - we didn't put them up yet b/c we needed to replace the floor... all the flooring except kitchen and bedrooms/bath. Water had been leaking from the back door and the water was hiding under the "floating" floor (that's what they call click-locking floors). Yes - literally - our floor was possible floating on water. Because of the plastic sheeting underneath - the water had no place to evaporate. That explains my sudden "allergies" that started last spring. Yep - once I FINALLY figured it out, we pulled up the floor in my office - the major source of my sneezing. It was all wet underneath. But our wonderful insurance company covered the cost of replacing. Then came the holidays and CHA. Way too much going on to do anything - so FINALLY - last week we did it. We have beautiful hardwood floors now, and my very very very much needed shelves are up in my work area. I still have much to do and alot of things to purge, but now I won't be embarrased for people to come over. I purposely did NOT take photos of the before. It would be way too embarassing.(Trust me, I'm not exaggerating). Some of you have had the unfortunate experience to witness the chaos in person (Margaret, Mom, Maraya and unfortunate family members and friends whose name may or may not begin with an "M"), so I know you are rejoicing in the new look. It's far from finished or perfect. In fact - as you can see I still have one overstuffed cardboard box with homeless items spilling out. But I'm working on it.

So - without further boring are the pics! (click on the pics to enlarge them)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

March already???

Where did February go??? I fought a nasty lingering cold for 3 weeks, right after I got back from CHA. It seems that the month flew while I played couch potato. Well, we went from freezing temps to highs in the 70's in those 3 weeks. No wonder I've been sneezing.

Okay - Okay - I just wanted to pop in and share some more pics from the trip (that seems like way back when...

This is me and Anabelle on one of the rides at Toon Town(yes, a kiddie ride). I left her red eyes there on purpose - makes it look scary!

Me and Linda with Stacy Croninger, Editor-in-Chief of Papercrafts Mag. I was so happy to finally meet the Papercrafts ladies. Jennafer was kind enough to take these pics for us.

Me and Linda with Jennafer Martin, Managing Editor for Papercrafts.

Me, Linda, Anabelle, Kelly and of course, Mickey.