Friday, April 28, 2006

Practice, practice and more practice

I'm practicing. I'm not even in the ballet and I'm practicing. I'm practicing making my daughter's ballet recital hair bun. I've made buns in my own hair, but never in a little girls. She had class photos taken this week and this was my first attempt at getting her hair fixed. This is MY first time doing her hair, and her first hair bun, so I thought it was worthy of a photo.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tagged Again!

Oh, no! I've been tagged again. This time by Catherine. Okay, here goes!

5 Things in my fridge:
orange juice
alfalfa sprouts (no kidding!)
leftover rice a roni
5 things In My Closet:
jeans & T's
hubby's clothes
saxaphone (really, I promise)
5 things in my Purse:
scrapbook receipts
5 things In My Car:
extra phone book
car seat
empty water bottles
5 things On My Tivo:
On my Tivo:

I don't HAVE a Tivo!!!

Okay - so now I have to tag some people. Hmmm.... okay - how about Samantha
and one more...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Old photos

I love looking at old photos. I always have. This photo is my mom (left) and her mom. They look like sisters to me. I never realized how young my grandmother must have been when my mom was born. To me, even 20 is young. They are so cute here - they even have their arms locked together. It makes me realize how much my grandmother must have missed my mom when she married my dad and he swept her away into Air Force life. - Oh, Nancy Jean, if you are reading this and want a copy of this pic - just let me know.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Dora Live

I took Arielle to Dora Live earlier this month. The Basic Grey Color Me Silly papers were perfect for the colorful photos. I just got Flair's new RUB ONs! (yeah) so I used them on a big brad and the tag. They go on like butter!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Welcome Home, Emery

Emery is a fellow scrapbooker who is also graduation from Louisiana Tech University in a few short weeks in graphic design. She just got back from a trip with fellow art students to France. I'm so jealous - not only do I envy her completing college in art - but I was born in France and wish I could have went. She sent us a pic - so I celebrated her trip by creating this layout. The papers are a monet painting by Paper House Productions (some I rec'd in my CHA -W Designer Goodie Bag). If you double click the layout - it will pop up larger. I doubt Em will ever see this blog - but just in case - we are all glad you are home!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Eggs, More Eggs - Me thinks it's Easter

I snapped these pics right before we headed to church. Believe it or not - Daniel's shirt is a NEW shirt specifically for Easter Sunday, and I had a time getting him to put it on.

We went to the park for an egg hunt, well, not actually a hunt - since the eggs were just laying in the grass. It was more like a pick up as many as you can before they are all picked up game. And my little darling left 20 eggs laying at her feet to dash to the end of the field to pick up one egg, and enjoyed every minute of it.

And if we didn't have enough eggs..... The kids did the egg coloring thing this weekend. Glitter eggs, sticker eggs, egg dye kits - but nothing works better than good ole food coloring. We did them all.

And I'm happy to say that eggs aren't just for hiding, finding and using in salads. The kids found that you can:
1) Use them as ear muffs
2) Use them as ipods
3) Pretend they are mutant seashells.

Eggs, glorious eggs.

Earlier this week I took the little miss to Biedenhard Gardens for some pics of her in her easter dress.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mimi's Cafe

I don't share much about my "art" but I wanted to let my readers know about Jasmine. Jasmine (Jazz), my silly dachshund, has been hanging around Mimi's Cafe. Which Mimi's cafe? Well, that's why I'm sharing this. If you have a Mimi's Cafe near you - let me know if you see her. Mimi's currently has over 20 paintings of the Jazz Dog hanging in the newest restaurants across the country. Have you seen her? Do tell!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Happy Friday!!

It's Friday and so far it's been a wonderful day! I was just invited to join the Paper Salon Design Team and I said YES! I'm so excited to be working with this wonderful group of girls and their fabulous products!

I'm going to be working with a youth group tonight making clip boards. One of the girls that I worked with a few years ago in our church youth group is now all grown up now. Her and her hubby are youth pastors and she asked ME to come and speak to her girls and work on a project for them. There are fifteen girls signed up so far! This will be fun!

Happy Friday!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Back from South Louisiana

I'm back from South Louisiana! I taught scrapbook classes at Scrapfest and the ladies were so wonderful! I got to visit with some old friends and ate some yummy food. I hooked up with an artist friend, Kerrie Jones. She talked me in to joining her and her artists friends on the streets of the French Quarter - WITH my paintings NEXT SPRING! I'm so excited.

The only photos I have of my weekend were when Kerrie brought her camera to lunch. I forgot to pack my new camera! Thanks, Kerrie!