Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Nutcracker Ballet

Well, not really. I just wanted to put that in my title. It's really another

It's almost here and I still have presents buy!

I don't feel so bad - I saw a lady I know at Kohls and I was actually asking her if she was through with her buggy (since she was checking out). When I hugged her and said "Are you through with this??" she said "Oh, no! I'm just getting started". She thought I meant with shopping. tee hee.

Anyway...back to ballet...

Here is a cutsie photo of my little one at her parent observation day in ballet. I have more (and video) but really, - I don't want to bore you. (wink)

Oh - and where did all the good holiday movies go? They flooded us on cable right after Thanksgiving and this week - nothing. I could watch Christmas Vacation at least 2 more times, and Elf maybe 4 more.

I guess I'll have to just buy them.

Happy Ho Ho Ho!

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