Saturday, December 01, 2007

Louisiana's Black Bayou

It's December 1 and instead of getting the house ready for the holidays, we went out to Black Bayou for a photo shoot. My husband's niece takes awesome portraits, so we wanted her to take some for our holiday cards. I'll post of few of her photos later, but I took my camera and took a few interesting Louisiana photos.

When we arrived at the end of the dock, we were greeting by a turtle who was sunning himself on a log. But this wasn't just any turtle sitting on a log. He had his left back leg up and was holding - as still as a statue. We looked at him with the super powerful telescope that was available on the dock and it was soooo strange. He never moved. He must have strong muscles. I took a photo of him and zoomed in as much as I could. The sun was facing us, so he's more of a silhouette, but look at that leg!

Here are some more of the photos I took today. The bayou was full of white egrets (a type of heron). They are so beautiful. The sky was so blue. It's a great place to take nature photos. We'll have to go back and do that. The other photos are ones I took of Arielle and Jasmine when we went for a walk in the neighborhood. Yeah - looks like fall has just hit the south, meanwhile my friends up north are weathering several inches of snow.

Check back later and I'll share a few of the pics our niece took! Now, time to get the house ready for Christmas!


Lynn Anne said...

Can't wait to see some of your Christmassing-up-of-the-house, hope you're posting that too:)

That's one zen yoga turtle you found there!

Anabelle said...

Love these pics, Mel! That turtle is a riot! Everything looks so beautiful! Yes, very different than here up North these days. LOVE the shot of Arielle in the leaves!!!