Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fa La La......

la la

Rainy Saturday in Louisiana.
Cooler weather.
It's beginning to feel alot like Christmas.

We had a big family feast at our house.

We had:

Red Beans n Rice
Festive Chicken Wraps
Broccoli n Rice Casserfole
Squash Casserole
Cheese Cake
Pear Cake
Pecan Pie
and other goodies.

See for yourself.

And a Christmas family photo. One sister and nephew in from Mississippi and another from a neighboring town and her daughter and my parents (from the country). The only one missing is our brother who was working.

What a day! I'm pooped!


Anabelle said...

Yum!!!! Look at all of the goodies! :) Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Love the family photo!

Suzanne said...

great family picture! Yummy, yummy looking food girl! Makes me home sick for sure! (lousyananut@cx)

Julia said...

I have to say the food looked amazing!! Happy Holidays to you!