Friday, December 21, 2007

Just a Brief Post keep my committment to blog daily.

Finished cleaning house.
Company tomorrow.
Made crock pot candy. Found out after the fact that hubby is sick of sweets (I TOLD him he had to many parties at work. I think they have been eating junk everyday this month and he's making more this weekend! and my kids won't eat it because it has peanuts. what??
Got out holiday dishes. Don't have enough plates. Have to use regular plates.

Note to self: Buy another set of Christmas dishes. Doesn't matter that they won't match current set - the more the merrier. fa la la la la

Friend dropped by. The one that gave me the crock pot candy recipe. She brought me......
crock pot candy!

Another friend dropped by. Brought assorted goodies.

Note to self: Self- go to gym everyday starting Dec. 27th.

Took nap. After 5. With the lights on in the bedroom. Piled pillows up high around me to make a wall. Looked dark to me.

Got up and made cheesecake. Homemade cheesecake takes forever to make. And even longer to cook. Sure hope it turns out.

Made biscuits, eggs and bacon for supper.

My feet hurt.

Took long hot bubble bath.

Still have work to do.

I'm tired.

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Lynn Anne said...

Sweet card. I can't tell you how good your supper sounds to me. I feel like it's been nonstop sweets since *Halloweeen*..I want some hefty hearty "real food" already!