Saturday, December 23, 2006

twas the day before Christmas Eve...

Note to self... always finish your holiday shopping before December 15.

I had to get a couple of gifts at the mall yesterday - the Friday before Christmas aka December 22. 'Nuff said. I phoned hubby and said "if you don't see me by dark, send in the troops". We made it out - my daughter was with me. She was unbelievably happy. But of course, she always does like going to the mall.

Have a Blessed Christmas - oh, and for Seinfeld fans: Happy Festivus!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Beginning to look alot like...

Christmas!! We finally have our tree up. It's getting more and more full of handmade ornaments every year.... delightful treasures. I've had most of the kids shopping done before December, but *ugh* all the other shopping. I hate shopping... I do... why? Because it depletes the checkbook. That is the only reason. *sigh* I have talked my son into waiting for "other stuff" until after Christmas. I told him the sales will be HUGE - and he likes to shop.

I took my first of many Christmas photos last night. The kids were delightfully cooperative, although the lighting wasn't the best. Oh well - 2 more weeks of practice to go!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Dear Santa....

Dear Santa,
Do you remember the last snow we had in Northeast Louisiana? We sure did enjoy it. It came late, late on New Years Eve (2000) and New Years Day 2001 was beautiful. My son, who was...gosh - only 8 at the time, built this beautiful snowman.... the last snowman we ever built. Santa, could you be a dear and send us snow this year? Just a little bit? Not a huge ice storm (we really don't like losing electricity because... well... tv and computers don't work well without it. And you can't recharge your digital batteries very well to take all those snow pictures). Please, Santa. We would like snow - before my son grows up any more. He's now 14. And there is my daughter who is almost 5. She has never touched snow. Never played in snow. Never built a snowman or tasted a snowflake. Please send enough snow that will allow the kids to have a snow day... or two. And don't let the temp get too high to melt it all away too fast. I hope I'm not asking for too much.

That's all on my list.