Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Past

Do you have any childhood Christmas memories? One of my early memories, and one that I'm reminded of when I see Clark Griswald take his family to the country to get a tree, is when we used to do the same thing. We lived in Oregon until I was 6. We always had snow. I remember piling up in the station wagon and going to cut our Christmas tree - in the snow. I remember the glittery glass ornaments and the tinsel icicles. And the stockings. And Christmas morning. Christmas morning was always like this AMAZING magical time, looking under the tree and seeing Santa gifts (unwrapped) placed under the tree with our stockings next to the gifts (that is how Santa identified what gift belonged to who... or whom??)

My dad was a hobby photographer back in the day. It was also the day where slides were popular. He recently had all of his slides (all of them!!! what a box) put onto CD and thus - immediate access to those memories.

Ya know what I just noticed about the stockings in the first photo? The one on the bottom right is mine. It's a snowman. Well, me and the kids just picked out new stockings this weekend. It seemed the only thing we could find and match a theme were snowmen. We each have a different one - but they are snowmen. It was totally unrelated to my childhood stocking... or was it?

Do you have vintage photos of your Christmas past? Or just some fond memories? I'd love to see / read them and spread the joy.

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