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Melanie's Papercraft Resume

Paper Trends

February/March 2005
"Love"Card, Page 14
"Blue Butterfly"Card, page 81
June/July 2005
"Paisly Love"Card, Page 29
Aug/Sept. 2005
"A+ Teacher"Card, p. 46
October/November 2005
"Friendship Card", page 60 and cover
"Thanks "Card, page 59
Feb/March 2006
April/May 2006
"Many Thanks"Card
Feb/March 2007
"Be My Valentine"Card
June/July 2007
"Bachelorette party Bag and Card"p. 12-13
"Best Friends"Card, p. 128
"Stamped Thank You"Card p. 54
October/November 2007
"Birthday"Card, Special One Sketch Feature
December 2007/January 2008
"Sweet Princess"Card
June/July 2008
"Thank You" Card
August/September 2008
"Happy Birthday" Card

Paper Crafts

August September 2005
"Long Live the Sun"
Holiday Cards & Wrap, Vol. 2, 2005
"One of a Kind Snowflake" Card, p.22
"Holiday Star"Card and Gift Box, p. 11
November 2005
"Holiday Recipe Tin Accordian Book", p. 32
Dec. 2005 / Jan. 2006
"July" Calendar Page, p. 65
February 2006
"Hi Pet"Card Set
"Mardi Gras Party Ensemble"
March 2006
"Blooming Baskets" p. 24
"Bake-a-Cake"Card, p. 52
April/May 2006
""M"is for Mom Card, p. 59 "
Birthday Party Creations 2, April 2006
"Surf's Up" Ensemble, p. 21
June/July 2006
"Pool Party Ensemble, p.20
Card Creations Vol. 4, August 2006
"Hang In There New Dad" Card, p.65
"We've Moved" Card, p. 109
"It's a Boy!" Card, p. 23
Holiday Cards and More, 2006
"Let It Snow" Card
"Winter Paisley" Card
November 2006
"Vintage Santa" Card
"Dora-Get Well" Card
Paper Crafts Gourment, Nov. 06
"Luau Ensemble"
December / January 2007
"Jingle Bells" Tag Set
March 2007
"Spring" Card
"Irish At Heart" Card
From Scrapbook to Cards 2007
"Happily Ever After" Card
"70's Party Invitation" Card
"Best Wishes" Card
"Floral Hi" Card
"Altered Frame"
"Congratulations" Card
April/May 2007
"Love" Card
June/July 2007
"Horsin' Around" Ensemble
"Soak Up The Sun" Card (Featured on Cover)& Gift Bag
Aug-Sept 2007
"Bamboo Hello Card
"Jazzy's Album in a Box
"Floral Mobile
You Go, Girl! Special Issue
"Sushi Party Card
"Floral Congratuations Card
"Congratulations Card
Card Creations 5
"Geometric Hi" Card
"Best Wishes" Card
"Sympathy" Card
"Happily Ever After" Card
Stamp It! Cards 2007
"To Someone Special" Card
Room to Room 2007
"Magnetic Photo Board"
"Coffee Time" Clock
November 2007
"Warm Wishes" Card
Holiday Cards and More 2007
"Happy Hanukah" Card
"Joy" Card
"Deck the Walls" Card
December 2007/January 2008
"Winter Wishes" Gift Tag
February 2008
"Yours Truly" Card
Paper Crafts 101 (2008)
"Wonderful Day" Card
"Happy Easter" Card
Paper Crafting with Photos (2008)
"Bad Day" Card
Card Creations Quick and Easy(2008)
"Be Happy" Card p. 64
"Hello Sketched Flower" Card p. 66
Paper Crafts Gourmet 2008
"Mardi Gras" Party Ensemble
"For You" Pie Wrap and Tag
Card Creations 6
"Friends Forever" Card
"Vintage Joy" Card
March/April 2009
"Love" Card
Stamp-It Cards 2009
"Give Thanks" Card
May/June 2009
"Love Beyond Measure" Card
Card Creations 7 (2009)
"Thinking of You" Card
"Luv U" Card
A Card A Day Publication 2009
Six Cards
Sept/Oct 2009
"Learning is a Treasure" Card
"From the Oven" Card
"You Take the Cake" Card
Jan/Feb 2010
"Regular Guy" Card
Card Creations 8 2010
"Good Times Great" Card
July/August 2010
"Lace & Gingham Thank You Card"

Scrapbook Trends

April 2005
"The Easter Dress"Page 21
Holiday Idea Book 2005
"Believe", p. 112
"Greetings", p. 43
November 2005
"Christmas Tide" Card
March 2006
"If You Want Chocolate Milk"
Mini-Album Idea Book, March 2006
"Friends Tag Book", pp. 40-41
July 2006
Holiday Idea Book 2006
"Ho Ho Ho"Card
"Give Thanks"Card
"Harvest Time"Card
November 2006
"On Track"
January 2007
"Summer Girl"
January 2008
"I Wish I Could Fly"
May 2008
"Hey, Batter!"

2009 - 2010 - To Be Updated soon

Memory Makers

Creative Stamping for Scrapbookers, Feb.'05
"With All My Heart" Page 102
More Quick & Easy, 2005
"Summer Picks" Page 74
"Dare to Dream" Page 42
All Pets Idea Book, 2006
"Best Friend"
"Life According to Elijah"
The Amazing Page Idea Book, July 2006
"Faith & Family"p. 200
Toddlerhood Idea Book, Feb. 2007
"Goodbye Crib"
601 Great Scrapbook Ideas Book, 2007
"Like Sisters"
Oh, Baby!, 2008
"Best Friends"
"She Talks to the Animals"
January 2008
"Wish Hope Pray"
August 2008
"I Wish I Knew", p. 99


September 2006
"Vintage Halloween Card Set"
"Hello Friends Card Set"
"Stamped Daisy Greeting Card
"Thinking of You"Card
November 2006
"A Blessed Season" Card
March 2007
"Easter Blessings" Card
"Irish Eyes" Card
"Leprechaun Watch" Card
"Luck O' The Irish" Card
May 2007
"4U Mother" Card
"Mom" Card
"Dad" Card
July 2007
"Beach Party" Card
"Sunshine Pool Party" Card
September 2007
"Cheer Up" Card
"Hugs for You" Card
Upcoming Card Sketch Book
"17 Cards
March 2008
"Welcome Baby" Card
"Little Things" Card
"Oh, Baby" Card
"Special Delivery" Card

2009 - 2010 (To be updated soon)

Giftmaker (Formerly Paper Works)

December 2006
"Give Thanks" Card
February 2007
"'Tis Grand to be Irish"Card
April 2007
"The Hunt"Layout
June 2007
"Three Wishes"Layout
"Celebrate America" Party Ensemble
August 2007
"Sunshine & Seashells"Layout
"It's a Pool Party"Card
February 2008

Scrapbook Premier

Brain Freeze Rescue Kit, Feb. 2006 Workout
"Boys of Summer"

Cantata Books

The Joy of Scrapbooking Children 2006
"Born in the USA"
"Easter 2005"
Wedding Idea Book, 2006
"In A Matter of Minutes"

Scrapbooks, Etc.

Design Inspirations, July 2005
"Just Plain Fun", p. 96
"Cherish", p. 117
Scrapbooks Etc Online, June 2006
"Luau At First Site

Simple Scrapbooks

Celebrations, 2006
"Promotion" p. 85

Cards Magazine

Premier Issue,Nov./Dec. 2005
"Happy Birthday"Card, p. 62-63
"Friend" Card, p. 124
"Many Thanks" Card, p. 36
"Sweet Sixteen"Card, p. 51
"Give Thanks"Card, p. 38-39
"Thanksgiving Is"Card, p. 44
Jan/Feb 2006
"H-A-P-P-Y Birthday" Card, p.108
"Celebrate! Happy Birthday" Card, p. 100
July / August 2006
"Get Well, p. 48"Card
"My Good Friend, p. 77" Card
September 2006
October 2006
"Thanks" Card
November 2006
"Turkey Day" Card
"Happy Thanksgiving" Tag
"Birthday Wishes" Card
"Friend" Card
"For You" Card
December 2006
"Please Come" Card / Envelope
January 2007
"Congratulations" Card
February 2007
"Thanks" Card
March 2007
"Bridal Shower" Card
"Hello" Card
April 2007
"Nice Job" Card
May 2007
"Monogram Mother's Day" Card
July 2007
"Come & Get It" Card
September 2007
"Come & Thank You" Card
July 2007
"Brother Birthday" Card
"M Monogram" Card
"Thank You" Card
October 2007
"Thanks a Bunch" Card
January 2008
"Wish Big" Card
"Winter" Card
February 2008
"Thank You" Card
May 2008
"Thanks" Card
June 2008
"Hi" Card
"Pool Party" Card
July 2008
"Happy Birthday" Card
"Island Vibe" Card
August 2008
"Monogram Teacher" Card
September 2008
Three Cards
October 2008
Two Cards
February 2009
Two Cards
July 2009
One Card
October 2009
One Card
August 2010
Three Cards
September 2010
Three Cards

Creative Concepts

Scrapbooking Beyond Your Imagination 2005
"Baby Boy Wall Hanging"
"Baby Girl Plaque"
"Do Not Disturb"
Scrappin', Stampin', Stationery
Spring 2006
"Our Gang"
"Picking Flowers for Mom"
Scrappin', Stampin', Stationery, July 2006
"Ready for School"
"Get An A"Card
"Xtreme Limits"
Scrappin', Stampin', Stationery, October 2006
"Fall Playfullness"
"Holiday Cookies"Card
"Holiday Joy"
Stamping, Stationery & Scrapbooking 1st Qtr 2007
"Royally Spoiled Princess"
Stamping, Stationery & Scrapbooking 2nd Qtr 2007
"Hello Baby"
"Tiny Thing" Card
"Snips & Snails" Card
"Mom" Card
"Happy Easter"
"Together" Card
"Bath Time"
"That's My Girl"
Stamping, Stationery & Scrapbooking 3rd Qtr 2007
"Pool Party"Card

Pinecone Press Books

Summertime, Aug. 2005
"Summer Girl", Page 28
"Costa Brava Spain 1964", Page 8

Pens & Needles, October 2006
"She's My Best Friend"

"Shades""She's My Best Friend"

"Shades""She's My Best Friend"

Go Figure, 2007
"19 Years"
"100% Girl"

"Shades""She's My Best Friend""Shades""She's My Best Friend""Hi"Card"Sweetie"Card "19 Years""100% Girl"

"Shades""She's My Best Friend""Hi"Card"Sweetie"Card"19 Years""100% Girl"

Be My Valentine, 2008
"Young Hearts"Layout
"She Stole A Kiss"Layout
"Because You Loved Me"Layout
"Puppy Love"Layout
"My Funny Valentine"Layout
"Love in Pink"Card
"My Love"Card

"Shades""She's My Best Friend""Shades""She's My Best Friend""Hi"Card"Sweetie"Card "19 Years""100% Girl""Shades""She's My Best Friend""Hi"Card"Sweetie"Card"19 Years""100% Girl""Birthday"Card"Young Hearts"Layout"She Stole A Kiss"Layout"Because You Loved Me"Layout"Puppy Love"Layout"My Funny Valentine"Layout"Love"Card"Love in Pink"Card"My Love"Card

"Shades""She's My Best Friend""Hi"Card"Sweetie"Card"19 Years""100% Girl""Birthday"Card"Young Hearts"Layout"She Stole A Kiss"Layout"Because You Loved Me"Layout"Puppy Love"Layout"My Funny Valentine"Layout"Love"Card"Love in Pink"Card"My Love"Card

Scrapbook Answers

December 2005
"Candy Cane" Card

Paper Made Easy / Crafts N Things Magazine

April 2006
"Over What Hill?"Card, p. 31
August 2006
"Sunny Bon Voyage"Card
"Vintage Bon Voyage"Card
"Thank You"Card
"Best of Times Summer"Card
October 2006
"So Sweet Baby"Card
"Rodeo Dad "Card
"Pink Daisy Thank You" Card
"Gratitude Ensemble"
December 2006
"Vintage Holiday"Card Set
"Christmas Joy"Card
February 2007
"Much Appreciated"Card, page 70
"Pink Daisy Thanks"Card, page 75
"Antique Bloom Happy Birthday"Card, page 69
"Thanks A Bunch" Gift Set, page 40
"All You Need is Love"Card, page 38
April 2007
"Floral Thank You" Card
"My Faith"Journal
"For K"tag
"Retro Thank You" Card
"Floral Mother's Day" Card
"Happy Mom's Day" Gift Set
"Stamped Thank You" Card
"Easter / Faith" Journal
"Bath Gift Set"
"Mom's Day Frame & Cards"
"Happy Birthday Balloons" Card
June 2007
"Cheer Up Gift Bag" Card
"Many Thanks"Card
"Deepest Sympathy" Card
"Thank You" Card
"Star Birthday" Card
August 2007
"For You" Card
"Thanks" Card
October 2007
"Thankful" Card
"Birthday Boot" Card
"Game Night" Card
"Art/Soul Quote" Card
"Every Day a Holiday " Card
"Tic Tac Toe" Game Set
December 2007
"Hokey Pokey" Card
"Baby Card/Envelope" Set
February 2008
"Happy Sweet 16" Card
"Fun" Card
"Corset" Card
"Chocolate is Cheaper" Gift Set
"Monogram Card/Envelope" Set

2009 - 2010 - To Be Updated Soon


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I have always loved the creative process and love to teach others. I taught for two years at my local scrapbook store as well as local conventions. Teaching ExperienceBayou Scrapping Convention,Monroe, LA, July 2005Representing: Flair DesignsSweetwaterCrossed Paths Scrapfest Productions Convention, Mandeville, LA - April 2006Scrapbook Celebration Convention, West Monroe, LA - July 2006

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