Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Feliz Navidad!

Feliz Navidad!
Happy Christmas!

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas. No, our tree isn't up, but the boxes of decorations are all in the middle of my living room. I'll have to re-arrange furniture before we can set up the tree. But we MUST put up the tree. That is the only way to stop the questions: "Can we put up our tree today? Please? Can we put it up??"
It's hard to explain why your tree isn't up to a child when your neighbors have lights and reindeer and blow-up Santa's in their yard.

Back to Feliz Navidad. Our radio seems to have only the same 25-30 holiday songs or so it seems that they play over and over and over. Gee, you'd think they didn't know there were 1,000's of others out there. Okay - so that's another post. Well, Feliz Navidad was playing the other day (well, every day, but I'm talking about one day in particular) and I KNOW how it's spelled. n-a-v-i-d-a-d (isn't that correct??) But what I'm hearing is "navi- LOT". I'm not hearing "dad" or even "dod". My little ole ears were hearing "lot". Does anyone out there speak fluent spanish and can tell me if this is how it's pronounced?

Anyway - Christmas Wishes to you today - however it sounds on your radio.

Here's a little gift idea to create. This is TOTALLY and UNDENIABLY scraplifted from one of my favorite cardmakers - Hilary. Keep green and recycle those Starbucks bottles! I used Piggy Tales' Baa Baa Black Sheet papers and Paper Salon stamps.

Well, back to creating!


Lynn Anne said...

okay - my first thought was no, it doesn't sound like 'lot' - BUT when I think about it, I can see how it would. The "a" sound is sort of an 'ah' sound, sort of like the soft 'o' in lot would be...and the D in Spanish is very soft also...the tongue is closer to the front of the mouth than the hard English D (which is where the L is also made)...and also a little shorter, which could sound more like a T. So...it doesn't 'quite' sound like 'lot' but I can see where it could sound that way...

we got the package btw and I gave it to him last night..will write more to you later but wanted to let you know t least tha tmuch in case it tkes me a couple of days to email you :)


Hilary Kanwischer said...

Oh how sweet! You made them so adorable. :) I'm sure they loved to receive them.