Monday, December 10, 2007

Great Mail Days

I love great mail days, don't you?

On Monday's we have a sub driver. I really like my sub driver not that I know him personally, but the main reason is that he is always earlier than our regular driver. My regular mail lady sometimes doesn't come until after 3pm. And sometimes even later. I just do NOT like getting mail that late.

Imagine my surprise when I was walking thru the house not long after noon to spy a pile of boxes sitting by my front door. Gee, he didn't even ring the bell? But I was happy anyway. I guess I'll never know how long they were out there. One was a HUGE box of clothes that I bought 2nd hand from a seller I have made friends with. We first met on ebay. Ever since then I shoot an e-mail to her every spring and every fall and she shows me what her girl has outgrown. It's always a fun box for both me and my daughter. And you thought I actually went shopping for all those cute clothes with matching hats?

The next box was my Self-Addressed kit for this month. You'll just have to wait and see what I make with that.

The next box was a box from my friend Cindy Smith. She sent me a set of chocolate snowman. Four chocolate snowman. They are so cute. No, I didn't take a photo. I..... ate.... one. Belgian chocolate. Yum. The other 3 are for the other family members. I got specific instructions on that. One for every member of the family. Okay. I'll share. Just this once.

Since I've been painting, I haven't had much new papercrafts to share, but I will share one of my December projects I made for Creative Xpress. I used Basic Grey's Periphery. I took the photos of the kids at Epcot this Spring during the Princess Storybook dinner.

I'll be back tomorrow with a photo of my recent painting. I'm still waiting to see your "Christmas Past" photos (see previous blog entry).

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