Thursday, August 23, 2007

Whew - Not even friday and I'm worn out

Well - tomorrow marks the first full week of school. I'm worn out and I'm not even in school. Poor little miss - she's having a hard time adjusting. She LOVED going last week to meet her teacher. Absolutely loved it, but this week - not so much keen on going. Would rather hang out in the house with mom, but she always comes out at the end of the day with a smile on her face.

My son (who just had a birthday) just started high school! I don't even want to remember those days. You'd think I have all this "free" time, but I do believe I've been running more than usual. Partly b/c all these appts for me were put off until school started. That and just life. I'm hoping tomorrow is a restful productive day in my scraproom.

Meanwhile - it was an eventful week as far as magazine requests went. Two for an upcoming Memory Makers book, one for the January Scrapbook Trends issue, and one for a special Papercrafts publication. It's always fun getting those requests.

Here are a few pics from the first day of school. My son was - well, less than thrilled.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm melting.... and other hot topics

I'm melting...I'm melting!!!

That's what it feels like around here. 100 degree heat with an even higher heat index. I take comfort in knowing that cooler weather is (hopefully) just a few weeks away. Speaking of hot stuff - I was a crop last night and one of the girls was telling me about a fun tour of the Tabasco factory at Avery Island, South of Lafayette. I think we'll take a little weekend trip down there when it cools off. I'm all for a fun South Louisiana road trip. (but only when the weather cools down).

Here are a few creations with some hot new Piggy Tales CHA Summer releases. The first is from a Spring trip to New Orleans. The papers are from Piggy Tales "Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater" Paper collection. (Don't you just love that name?)

The next one is done with the collection called "Little Miss Muffett". So soft and girly - as the name implies.

And speaking of heat.... how about a Christmas page? Seriously. The photos were taken about 9 days before Christmas at a Winter Wonderland day at a local church. They had a snow machine and penned in areas for the small ones to "play" in the snow. Only the snow was melting so fast it was rock hard and difficult for Arielle to actually pick it up. But really, it was a cool idea to do and the first time she's ever seen "snow" even tho it wasn't real snow. Don't you feel for Rudolph and Frosty in those outfits? You just KNOW they were hot. The original title to this page was going to be "Deep South Christmas". LOL

and this is what we have to look forward to for the next several days: 100+ temperatures. The weather website has a map of "heat alerts", which I'm not sure what the purpose is unless its for people that don't know it's super hot outside. At least you know not to bring a sweater to a garden wedding by the river.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Where has it gone?

Where has the summer gone? It's almost over. Since we went to Walt Disney World - that took the place of our beach vacation. It's HARD because I feel like I'm missing something - not being at the beach. Maybe...just maybe.. we can squeeze in a weekend after Labor Day - a short weekend. Just to be able to go. We'll see. Frankly - I'm looking forward to school starting and getting everyone into new routine. Including myself. I think my dog will have a new routine, too. She'll actually be able to nap as much as she wants until school is over - or unless mom bugs her or the UPS man rings the doorbell. Or if I tell her a lizard is on the patio. Otherwise - she'll be entering a new phase of "it's a dog's life".

Here are a couple of new pages, just for fun. The group photo was taken at our last crop at the scrapbook store before it closed. A fun but bittersweet time.

This page was made with items from the July Poppy Ink kit. My daughter just loves this one. She's learned to read the titles and remembers telling me she wanted to fly.