Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to me and Thank you Taylor Swift!

My birthday actually started yesterday when the UPS man came knocking on the door. Oh, get your mind out of the gutter. It wasn't a singing telegram or anything like that... just a regular knock on the door and when I opened it, there was a box at the door and he was gone. But there was a wonderful box from Cheryl&Co filled with cake, cookies and chocolate! It was from Emma's Paperie's very own Cindy. When hubby walked in the door, my little miss was singing happy birthday as I lit the candle on the bundt cake. Nothing like starting the party a little early, huh? Thank you, Cindy. Wish I could have shared the goodies with you in person!

My song for today was "It's my birthday and I'll buy if I want to...". Okay - corny - but I got some cash for my birthday and I went shopping. I checked my little one out of school about a hour early (it's okay - the teacher didn't mind) and we headed to the mall. After I spent all my cash and then some...we stopped at a little photo booth for some pics. I did have $3.00 leftover. (maybe I'll make it an annual tradition...the photo... well, the shopping, too.)

Oh - and if you are wondering if there is going to be any creations posted today - sorry. But really, this gets good.. promise.

My dear sweet hubby had arranged for some people to meet us at a local restaurant for dinner, so we left the kids with some pizza and went out.

Our table was at the very back of the restaurant in the corner, so after our food was long gone we stayed well over an hour just talking. It was a really sweet time. The poor kids were waiting at home for us to have cake... so when we got home we did presents and cake.

Our son's girlfriend was there to take a family photo of us (yeah - I didn't have to use the tripod in order to get a family photo). Here are a couple of the photos she took of the four of us.

Don't you just love the outtakes??

As I was heading off to change into my new PJ's... hubby called me back into the living room. My son and his girlfriend were walking into the living room with an odd shaped box. This is where it starts to get good! Since my son plays guitar, I know what a guitar box looks like. It was a guitar box. Okay - so I thought what did they get me and put inside one of his old guitar boxes? But before I could open it... my hubby was telling me that he won this from an online contest entry. Those same contest entries that I always poke fun at him for entering. My son spoke up and said "Just let her open it..." So I did.

Now it's time for a flashback. Exactly 2 weeks ago this night I went to hear Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts in Shreveport with my sister. I couldn't believe she agreed to go with me since I know she doesn't listen to country music. Since we decided well after the tickets were on sale, our seats weren't the best. Believe me, we were higher than the spotlight people and we couldn't go any higher up. Really. The concrete wall was behind me. We were in the seats that..well, back in August at the American Idol concert.. I looked up at those seats and said I'm glad we aren't sitting where they are. So there we were sitting so high up that I wanted to put on a seatbelt and go "weee".. But actually I was almost dizzy. Until the lights went out and the music started. Here is Taylor:

And here is Rascall Flatts:

Of course it was a wonderful concert! Lesson learned on the seating.... buy early next time.

Okay, flashback over now. So here I am on my birthday opening this obvious guitar box, and inside was..... a guitar! But not just a guitar - a pink guitar! But not just a pink guitar - a pink guitar autographed by Taylor Swift. But not just a pink guitar autographed by Taylor Swift.. but a pink guitar autographed and personalized to me and my daughter... by Taylor Swift. Okay - what else can I say. Isn't this the coolest!!

So - a BIG thank you to Taylor Swift! Love you, girl! And also a big thank you to Country Weekly Magazine for the awesome giveaway and for drawing my hubby's name. You have restored my faith in online giveaways. Oh, and hubby said that the girl at CWM that he talked to on the phone went to my blog and would pass it on to Taylor. Well, he won this several weeks ago and kept it a secret until today - so I'm sorry I didn't post about this sooner!

And to my dear sister who sat in the nosebleed section at the concert... I'm so sorry I woke you up at 10pm tonight, but I just HAD to tell you about the guitar.

And to my wonderful, dear, sweet, persistent husband who had to keep this a secret for several weeks, even when he knew I was going to the concert and still didn't tell me - I'm sorry I ribbed you about the contest entries. Keep entering. I'm ready to go to Hawaii now!

Well - that about sums it up! Thanks for all the birthday wishes from EVERYONE! Facebook, message boards and in person. What a special day this has been. Kisses to everyone! Have a wonderful weekend!



joybear said...

Oh wow that is AWESOME!!!!! Glad you had a good day, Joy

Kristie said...

What an awesome Birthday present! and a big Happy Birthday from Australia xoxox I love your blog...and I just wanted to let you know that the Lime Tart sneak peaks from your last post were too much for me...I went to the site and ended up being a *Greedy Tart*...
LOL! Can't wait for them to arrive now :)

Miki said...

Oh MAN! What an amazing, gift Mel!!! I give big kudos to your DH for holding that secret in. I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday! So when are you going to learn to play it? :P

Jenn said...

What a very cool surprise, Melanie! Just look at that smile on your face!!!! Happy birthday - I guess it won't be one that you forget anytime soon!

DonnaBD said...

OMG thats so cool!!! Happy Birthday Melanie.

And tell that hubby of yours that I'd like to take that trip to Hawaii with you!!

Sherry Wright said...

Happy belated birthday!!! It looks like a wonderful day, you're one lucky lady. Enjoy the year ahead. :0)

Linda Beeson said...

Ok, wow! Are you actually going to stop there! With all of that, I almost want to think that it should go on and on! How adorable is that little box of goodies from Cindy! That is too cute as is every bit of your story!

Sonda T said...

That is the most awesome guitar EVAH!!
Happy Birthday to you sweetie!

Mer said...

What a fabulous birthday! And of all the contests for your dh to win, aren't you glad it was that one? ;) Happy birthday!!!

Stacey S said...

Ah Mel, it sounds like such and AMAZING birthday for you! You deserve it and I'm so happy you had a great day! That goody box from Cindy was darn neat! And well...the guitar...wowzers!! Go hubby!!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELANIE!!! What a priceless gift from your dh and family! Renae

Anabelle said...

How COOOL is that???? Big huge congrats!!!! What a great gift. So, when are we going to see you playing it???

**** April **** said...

OK that is SO cool! What a GUY!

Chrys said...

that is awesome!!!!! Very cool! Happy late birthday!!!

Hilary Kanwischer said...

AND IT'S PINK!!! I LOVE it! Not to mention how cool that that's from Taylor Swift, oh my gosh, my daughter is jealous!!! Enjoy it. :)