Thursday, March 06, 2008

I couldn't help it....

I couldn't help being absent from my blog. I was sick! YUK! Me and the kids - no fun. And guess what? The weather man is predicting..... get this.... in Louisiana..... snow????? Maybe I should set up a video camera to see if a flake or two falls. My friend thinks she saw some a few days ago when the weather went bonkers again. But hey - my friend in Texas - 4 hours west (not north - just west! had 5 inches of snow this week. And it was falling again today. Okay - so is there a saying about "when the south freezes over???" i wonder how many random people will google that phrase and end up here and be so disappointed when they end up here

So - how about some scrappy news? Now that I'm back to the land of the living, I browsed my favorite online store to see what is new and what I need to add to my ever-growing shopping cart... and what did I find? Pages and Pages of
New My Mind's Eye! Oh My! Thanks, Cindy - I'll be broke before the week is up!

Well, since I've been out of commission, I have absolutely nothing new to post this week. Nothing, nada. zippo. So how about something sort of new? This is one of my projects for Creative Xpress. I made this page the last day of my daughter being five. I showed it to her and told her "Since today is the last day that you will be five... I made a page about the day you turned five". She thought that was cool. The papers are from K & Company's Smitten line.

Well, I feel like I missed the whole week - sort of. I can't believe Friday is almost here. It's movie date-night for me and hubby. Have a great weekend!

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April Driggers said...

Ha ha... we have ALL been sick girl! :) snow... yeah, I was one of "those" people. It was pure craziness! 6 1/2 inches in MARCH in Fort Worth! CRAZY!