Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snow in the South

Well - the weather man was right. It snowed.

Or, as my little one said. It snowed because they said it would on the radio. If only things worked that way.

Bad news is that the temps weren't low enough, so after hours and hours of beautiful snow, there is really no evidence. It melted when it touched the still warm Louisiana ground.

I took this photo when soon after it first started coming down.

And today, ironically, I was in the mood to scrap summer things. This page uses
Dream Street Papers' (Miss)fit Collection along with a Hambly transparency.

Have a great weekend!


bmbooshay said...

It got cold today, I think in the low sixties. But here in Florida, it did not snow. I have yet to see snow i guess I am a true FLorida girl. I loved your scrapbooking! Especially the half of a circle stamp thing. It connect the photos with the rest of the page.That was a beautiful beach in the pictures, I cannot wait to use my spring break to my full advantage and visit the beach everyday. It's too bad its absolutely cold and windy right now!

Sherry Wright said...

What a site to see in your area I'm sure! Love that lo.. the colors are so relaxing. :0)

DonnaBD said...

Welcome to a new england winter day Mel!!

Beautiful layout and see you Friday!!

CatherineS said...

What a beautiful page!! LOL about the Snow in Louisianna in March! We've had more snow than usual this year as well...

Julie O. said...

I can't BELIEVE you have snow! Crayz!! ... well girl... hope you are feeling 100% better. You've been tagged!! (7 random facts!)