Monday, March 24, 2008

Family Day

Yesterday was family day at the park. Our church always spends Easter at the park. There are things for the kids, games, football, tennis - and pets are included. And it was a beautiful spring day. Slightly cool, but nice and sunny.

We made homemade bread, and hubby's favorite - strawberry caked (with fresh strawberries). We went down one of the nature trails.

Arielle is getting to be quite the photographer - she took this photo of me and Jeff. Yes, I love my Memory Villa tee so much I wore it 2 Sundays in a row. And I can't help but wonder what my dachshund would look like in this little outfit.

As you can see - Azaleas were blooming everywhere. Hard to believe it actually snowed a couple of weeks ago. I never did get any photos of Daniel. He was off with the other teenagers, flying kites (and losing his keys). I think we'll have to go back out there with the metal detector.

Back to the Monday, Monday grind. Have a great day.

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Tabitha said...

beautiful pictures!