Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just a Quick Post

Just a quick post before I head out to the mountains for the Memory Villa Retreat. I'm having a Mexican Themed Pampered Chef party tonight and have some white chili cooking as I type. I already sampled it - yum! My mother gave me subscriptions to Paula Deen's cooking magazine, along with another magazine called "Taste of the South". I found a cream cheese tangerine cake in one of the magazines and made it last night. I've been waiting ALL day to slice into it.

I don't have much to post right now - still trying to recover from being out most of last week (you'd have to read the older post).

Here are a few cards I made using brand new CHAW08 Paper Salon's new stamps.

I hope I come back from the retreat with lots of new creations. Truth be told... I don't ever get that much done but I sure do laugh alot.

Julie- I got your tag (gee, thanks) and I got one from Donna while I was sick. I'll try to get to them next week. Oh, and I'm sure I'll post some pics of me and Donna - she's flying into Arkansas right now for the retreat. I'm taking her some of my homemade Louisiana gumbo. I hope she likes it! bye for now.


Fink said...

Have a great time at the retreat! The white chili sounds wonderful!

Anabelle said...

LOVE what you did with the new stamps!!! (BTW, I tagged you, too!)
Hope you have an awesome time on the retreat!