Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Lazy Sunny Days

It's a good day to be lazy - but I can't. I have so much to get done before our vacation. My head is spinning. This month is going to fly by! I took these sunflower photos last month. They are in my dad's garden. I just love sunflowers.

Have you been over to the Pursuit of Craftyness Blog? This week showcases photo projects. This acrylic frame is the project I created using Flair Designs
new Seaside Collection. I found the frame at the dollar store.

Well, that's all for now. I'm off to run errands and such!Photobucket


Fiona Carter said...

Those sunflowers are amazing (I'm a big fan of these gorgeous plants too). Love your card for POC blog, it has such a beachy feel with the colours you've used.

Eleanor said...

Beautiful post. Love the sunflowers and the layout.

Hilary Kanwischer said...

Okay, the sunflowers....I'll take a dozen! Wow...those are gorgeous. I just LOVE sunflowers and those are beautiful!

And what a beautiful project that is with the acrylic frame...totally cool, great pic and just awesome. LOVE it. :)

Sonda T said...

OMG! Those flowers are HUGE! and I love that layout you did! WOW!