Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday America!!

Well - Honkin' Happy Birthday to the Good Ole USA. You are still looking good!!!

Ya know - we had the most wonderful patriotic production last Sunday at church. It really brought pride and tears to my eyes over and over. The production brought to life so many of the people who played such a huge part in the birthing of our country. How so many left their homes in search of a place to worship how they wanted, and how many gave their lives to defend this freedom. They read passages from writings of some of the founding fathers, which clearly showed their faith in God, and this showed how the constitution was written based on their Christian beliefs. We honored the veterans and those serving in the Armed Forces. For the first time, I witnessed first hand the "Missing Man Table and Honors Ceremony". It was very moving and brought tears to my eyes. It's good to be reminded that our country was birthed through a pursuit to worship God with liberty, and liberty and faith still reign in our country - despite what people say.

Happy Birthday America!

So - on to less serious stuff. How about a little teaser? I've been craving Lime flavored things lately. Lime candy, lime drinks - and ooohhh - I just love the color, too. Shall I dare show a peek of something with that flavor - if you can imagine "seeing" something that is "lime".

More on that later!

And just for fun - I've been playing with my new camera. I can't believe the things I can do with this that I could never do with my other camera!

Have a safe and wonderful July 4th and long weekend. Don't forget to take out that camera!
did you know:
The liberty bell inscription says:
Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants thereof ....
and is taken from Leviticus 25:10

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Hilary Kanwischer said...

UNBELIEVABLE photo's Melanie!! JUST gorgeous! Oh your little doggie reminds me of mine when I was little, we had a daschund that looked just like her and I'll always remember the 3 puppies that she had on Christmas morning. It was the best present! :)