Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This is dedicated to the one I love

I haven't posted anything about my silly dog, Jasmine, in awhile. Imagine that. She's the family sweetheart. She's the inspiration to my "Jazz Dog" paintings that are in Mimi's Cafe. My silly little dachshund.

She's six months younger than my daughter. Yeah, that means that I had to chase a puppy and a crawling baby at the same time. Jasmine loved going in the nursery and playing with Arielle when they were babies. Jazzy used to steal her sister's pacifiers when they fell to the floor. She destroyed them faster than I could say "no". In fact, to this day - I think the word "NO!" scares her because of the pacy indidents. She would insist on being inside the bathtub next to the "baby tub" as Arielle took her bath. Jazzy liked to drink the warm bathwater. She still likes to drink warm water.

This page is a "jazzy" page, and to celebrate her jazziness - I used alot of bling. My Mind's eye bling stickers and silver sequins. The papers are Unique Boutique from Dream Street Papers.I used a Becky Fleck Page Maps Sketch from December. Simply put - She's So Jazzy.

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Sherry Wright said...

This is beautiful Melanie, what a cutie!