Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year Confessions

Well.... I confessed this on one of the message boards. It was a legitimate question. And I gave a truly honest answer. Would you like to play?


What if any Christmas decorations do you still have up in your house.

Answer: (warning - this is not for those that faint easily...)

The only thing that is NOT in the house from christmas is
2) Candy

I haven't had time to do one thing. The whole shabang is up. Do you want a list?
-wreaths on windows
-wreath on door

-tree and all the trimmings (including the brand new tree skirt I got 12/26/2007 at the after christmas sale) plus the old tree skirt sitting on table
-lighted houses
-sofa table filled to the brim with all the Christmas what nots collected over the years
-christmas card
-mantel stuff - candles, holly, shephards harp
-House of Lloyd/Christmas Around the world stuff
-coffee table centerpiece, nutcracker,
-santa hats (that my dd keeps dragging around)
-kitchen table (table runner, candle set)

-wrapping paper boxes, wrapping paper, bows, tags

-brand new pre-lit Christmas tree still in box bought 12/26/2007

Anyone want to come over for a party? I'll plug in the village houses.

Okay - okay - so you are going when is this woman going to clean up?... well - either this weekend, or Monday when school starts back. Ya know - I'd sort of WANT to know where the decorations go this year so I won't worry that breakables were just thrown in the box (not naming names).

Meanwhile - I have to quote Scarlett again.
I'll think about that tomorrow. Tomorrow's another day.


NancyJones said...

too funny! but errr I must confess. MIne are up too. WE DID take the lights down outside and the wreath off the door, but the christmas tree is still up and we havent finished with CHrismtas yet. OUR LAST one is this weekend so maybe then we will take it down...sigh.. we were sick through Christmas so family is coming here. ACK!!!

Hilary Kanwischer said...

Well everything of ours is still up, except the big tree in the living room...the day after Christmas, Roxy..our puppy...attacked it and left it in ruins along with some of my favorite ornaments...She found herself caged for a day after that! Well anyway...I do need to get the rest of the stuff down before anything else gets ruined. :)

Natalie said...

Your not the only one!!! So glad I am with good company.