Friday, February 15, 2008

Love and Hugs

I'm hoping everyone had a good Valentine's Day! I made surf n' turf for my family (well, hubby actually grilled the steaks but I prepared them.) and they were soooo yummy. We were sitting around the table and my littlest one said: teacher said that when you say something bad to someone, it wrinkles their heart... so you have to say something nice to make the wrinkle go away. Isn't that the cutest thing? I asked her to say the blessing before we ate and she said: Lord, thank you for this nice food, the cute decorations, the nice drinking glasses..... I forgot what else she said but it was precious. Wish I had that on video. So in the spirit of getting wrinkles out of hearts, we decided to take turns saying something nice to everyone at the family. Even tho it consisted mostly of "I like the shirt you have on.." it was still sweet.

Here are a few love and kisses cards. The love card uses Dream Street Paper's "Hugs n Kisses".

The Hugs card uses Dream Street's "Remember the Moments" collection.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Tabitha said...

beautiful cards!

Niki said...

I love your work. Have 2 NO pictures hanging in my home. They are so colorful and "happy"! I am trying to find an email address for you to see if you have anything new or if you commission work (painting). If you get this, please let me know. Thanks