Friday, October 12, 2007


Yes - it's FRIDAY!!!

I'm heading out to crop with scrapbookers from our old scrapbook store. We still manage to get together once a month. So while I wait for a few minutes to pass- here are a few pics of me and one of my scrapbook friends celebrating our birthdays this week at one of the local restaurants. We went to a really cool Italian restaurant. I guess I won't tell you the name of the restaurant b/c my friend - well, she found something in her salad. Nothing bad (well, I can think of worse) - just a part of the packaging that must have somehow fell in her food. A funny thing about that is 2 months ago I was eating out with another friend and she found something in her food. Part of "packaging"... but totally different than this time. I have to ask this question to those of you that cook. Do you drop packaging parts into your food when you cook? I can't ever recall doing that. Hmm.... Anyway - the nice little waiter took a few pics of us just in case my self-timer pic didn't turn out. And he brought us a bread pudding to celebrate the week. That huge salad was mine, and no - I did not eat it all. Not even half. And I had to take a few pics of the surroundings. Oh - and at the bottom of this post - look for new about a contest!

Pssstt - want to win some NEW product from Flair Designs? Check out THIS LINK!. I hope you can play! Good luck and Happy Friday!


Fink said...

I had a candy wrapper in a mexican pizza one time! It took me forever to even eat at any of the stores again!

Have a great time scrapping! Glad to see you joined our list and I will add you to my blog!

Theresa Tyree said...

Oh yuck! I think you must be bad luck because YOU are the common factor of both out to eat experiences! Remind me not to eat out with you!! Ha ha! Just joking! LOL!

That bread pudding looks to die for! Yum!!

You two girls look like sisters instead of friends!