Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Who Dat?! Tuesday Trigger

Yes, you read that right. I used the "who dat" and "tuesday trigger" in the same sentence. Did that get your attention?

It's February - the month of "love", and so hear's a fabulous valentine inspiration from the Moxie Fab Blog for the current Tuesday trigger.

Well..... I sort of have a one track mind lately. It's sort of love-related. Right now I'm in love with the fact that Louisiana's own Saints are going to the Super Bowl. Yeah - that's right. My little miss princess is having a birthday party slumber party this weekend and she told me that her cookie cake could be a Saint's cake. How sweet is that? So instead, I ordered her a girlie cake (with chocolate - lots of it) and a Saint's King Cake. Anyhooo.... when I saw this adorable Tuesday trigger, well, my eyes saw fleur des lis's. (sort of like a cartoon character sees stars, birdies or dollar signs.)

So, with out further suspense, here's my creation. (smile)

So..... I don't know if I'm wayyyy off track with this week's challenge or not, but it was fun. I promise, I'll have more to share on my blog next week. Right now I'm flip flopping on my Sunday menu. Gumbo or Jamabalaya? Crawfish or shrimp? decisions.... decisions...

And so my friend Susan - you know who you are. I'd love to see your Colts card! ;) (not that she ever reads my blog...evah!)

Have a great weekend!!



America said...

adorable, great take on inspirational piece!

Laura Davis said...

Very cute! Go Saints:D

Michelle said...

I am in NW Louisiana, and I LOVE your Whodat card! Geaux Saints! :-)

rachaelwood said...

I am in NW LA too, but decidedly NOT a saints fan. However I can appreciate your card! Very cool.

Cath said...

Hey Melanie! What a fun approach to this week's Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! Congrats on the Big Win for the Saints! :)