Thursday, February 11, 2010

Webster's Pages and Tattered Angels

If you've been reading my blog, you will have seen that for 2010 I've been on a quest to try new things in the paper craft world. They may not necessarily be "new" as in 'new to the industry' but they are new to me. Things to get me out of the box so to speak. So I've been taking part in challenges, sketches and triggers. I've been getting out of my box and also overcoming another little disorder I have - hoarding yummy scrapbook supplies. I know some of you know what I'm talking about.

So... anyway - for this post I created something for Lucy Edson's Webster's Pages challenge: Print a photo on the back of Webster's patterned paper. I loved the challenge and went through my older stash (well, you didn't think I'd experiment on my brand new papers did you?) You have to choose just the right type of photo that will look good with print on it. I tried two - neither of them exactly what I wanted, but I choose the best of the two and went with it. In my beach photo, I used a floral paper with a large amount of "white space", but I intentionally made it print with the little butterfly in swirl in the corner.

And what I like about today's post is that I also challenged myself to use my Tattered Angel's Glimmer Mists on my page. The design team at Webster's Pages have teamed up with Tattered Angel this month and have been showcasing some beautiful creations that inspired me to dig in my stash - you know - the one I hoard. I had some Glimmer Screens as well as Glimmer Mists so I decided to create a soft background for my beach photo. I used Wheatfields Glimmer Mist over a screen and misted it over white cardstock. I used some cheesecloth behind my photo, and pulled out some of my older Prima flowers. The leaves were cut from some of my older Websters papers.

And guess what??? As I sit here typing, there is snow in a nearby town just 30 miles from us. It's on its way!!! And we are expected to get 4 inches accumulation tonight. You know what that means in Louisiana?? SNEAUX DAY! And I just so happened to have taken off work tomorrow. Me and the Mister will be celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary. Well, so much for a quiet day at home with my sweeatheart, but the sweet thing about it - as rare as snow is in Louisiana, it snowed the week we got married. Looks like I'll be making snow angels with all my little loves in my life tomorrow and taking lots of photos!

And a little shout out to Anabelle and Fran! Happy Anniversary to you two lovebirds!!!



Donna said...

Happy Anniversary Mel. And Happy Snow!!

Beautiful page, btw!

Audrey Pettit said...

I LOVE how your challenge page turned out, Melanie! The masking on the background looks fabulous, and I really like the photo printed on the paper. I want to try that, too. Oh, why isn't there more time in the day and more energy to do things in it?? ;)