Monday, November 02, 2009

Just some recent concert photos...

It seems like I've been to more concerts in the past 2 years than in the previous 10!!! Probably because it's true. Have I been that deprived?? As posted a few posts back in September, me and my little girl went to see Taylor Swift. Just a few weeks after that, I was listening to one of my favorite radio stations and they were giving away Chicago Concert tickets (the old band Chicago - you know - the one that's been around since the 70's - (yes, before some of you were born). So.... I decided I'd try to win. On Monday, I totally missed the que to call. So Tuesday, which just happened to be my dear hubby's birthday, I heard the que and, yes - I WON! I phoned hubby and calmly mentioned "Hey, hubby. Chicago is playing in Shreveport..."...pause... "When?" he asks. "In two days", I replied... then I asked "Do you want to go hear them?"... he said "Sure" and that's when I said "Good, because I just won two free tickets!"

Now, let me say that I was soooo thankful for free tickets... even if they were in the back section of the venue... which was a large meeting room inside a casino. Even if you were against the farthest wall, it was better than being waaayyy in the back inside a huge arena. BUT, we stepped outside right when it started to place a "good-nite" call to the kids, and a man...let's call him a high-roller - said "Hey, you want our tickets? They are really good seats". Since he'd rather play in the casino instead of hear the band, we said SURE and off we went to the front section of seats. Here are a few of my pics.

Then just 3 weeks later, our local civic center had Miranda Lambert and Jack Ingram. Since I'm a-little-bit-country and a-little-bit-rock-n-roll, I jumped at the chance to support our local concerts (believe me, we don't get that many BIG names locally). Our seats were awesome - again!

Whew! Got all that posted. Now to kick back and welcome in November!!! Have a wonderful week!

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