Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Girlfriends and other things

I have often been quoting the character George from the Seinfeld sitcom in saying "My worlds are colliding!". I've been the coordinator for our high school reunion, and for the past two months have been reconnecting with old friends - and it's been so much fun. (now you know why my blog has been suffering) My school was in a small town and most of the classmates attended school for 13 years together. That is such a contrast to the schools that my kids are attending. The schools are so big and there is no way for them to know all their classmates. I have come to appreciate that quality of our school and I believe my classmates feel the same way. Well, one of my best friends in school moved after our 9th grade. The last time I saw her was right after graduation, and we did keep in touch until the past 15 years or so. When I started finding people, her name was brought up and with one phone call, I had her cell number. I left a message telling her it was someone from her old hometown and she would have to guess who. She called me back and I sang a song that she used to sing at the church meetings I attended with her. We laughed and laughed and reconnected on facebook. She was so excited that we would be having a reunion, that she flew in for our most recent planning meeting. Fellow crafters - meet Sandra.

It's funny that after years and years apart, she is just as I remember her, and even better. And yes, I will scrap this and many other photos like this. Believe me, there are so many with more to come. If you have someone in your past that you have lost contact with, I urge you to reconnect. You won't be sorry.

Here's a happy bunch at the recent meeting - and remember - this isn't even the reunion.

And on to paper crafting.. (like I said, my worlds are colliding!)... here are some more cards I made with the May "Painted Lady" Cupcardstogo Card Kit.

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Maria Sutton said...

Your cards are so adorable!Cheers!