Thursday, November 06, 2008

Christmas Cheer and Candy Cane Kisses

I went to Walgreens yesterday to pick up some Christmas candy. Yes, they have Christmas candy out already - at least some places. I know that because when I went to pick up some candy for the trick-or-treaters - I saw the display. It was actually on sale... so my treaters got Christmas candy. I don't think they minded.

Anyway - I needed candy for this project. Our church ladies group is focusing on inexpensive home-made gifts this month as we gear up for the holidays. I needed a project for the "sample" table. I wanted to demonstrate that you can recycle your containers such as altoid tins, Starbucks bottles, and, in this case, a Prima Flower container. I just love these containers. You can also find these containers at Emmas Paperie.

I used papers and stickers from Flair's Merry Little Christmas collection. The reindeer was made with the Cricut Essentials Christmas cartridge. It goes perfectly with the reindeer in the papers. And guess what candy is inside the tin.... yeppers - Candy Cane Kisses. And let me tell you - these are divine!

And I have some other news. I'm back to painting. Yes, painting. From the encouragement of others, I have set aside paper and glue time to get back to my first love, paint and brushes. I will have a French Quarter painting listed on ebay soon. Do you want a peek?

I'm also working on getting some prints set up and I'll post the link to the store once that is all set up. That's all for today. Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!



Kristen Swain said...

wow Mel! that cmas flair set is awesome!!!! I love it- and congrats on your paintings! i think they are wonderful and you will do well!
Nutella is a chocolate hazelnut spread- it is so fantastic!
I find it in the peanut butter section of the grocery store, pick up a small jar to taste it if you like hazelnuts and chocolate. We also warm it in the microwave and dip pretzels in it. a lot of people just eat it by the spoonful!
thanks for dropping by my blog today!

Fink said...

Love the container! Great way to include all your friends within a reasonable cost

DonnaBD said...

Oh Mel, I love your paintings!! So happy you have paint and brushes in hand again.

The Christmas set is awesome!

WOW power leveling said...
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Charith said...

What a great idea. Love your project, too cute!!

Hilary Kanwischer said...

I LOVE it!!! Well let's see...your Christmas projects, totally yummy, and that painting...seriously girl, that's amazing, I can't wait to see it as a whole.

Anabelle said...

Wow, LOVE your little gift set. What a great idea. And the painting looks awesome. Can't wait to see the finished product!!