Thursday, August 14, 2008

Some Serious Eye-Candy

I'm not talking about my own work. I'm talking about the eye-candy at the August Lime Tart Gallery. There are THREE galleries. Yes, three. One for the Full Tart Kit, one for the Half Tart Kit and one for the A La Tart Kit. You'll want to check out all three! I'm totally blown away and can't stop browsing the galleries.

I'm so happy I can finally post my pages here. There were all done with the August Full Tart kit. The papers in this kit are K&Co Mira collection. It's a really beautiful collection. You can check out the kit contents and order from the US at Odd Bird Planet.

Boys will be boys.

On another note, check out the stores right now. I'm talking about department stores. I took my kids to the mall yesterday - well, we only went to 3 stores b/c I hate to just wonder the whole mall. My son loaded up on mark down things from Old Navy. I just love that he found great bargains. I asked him if he would mind taking my daughter through the mall for a bit so I could have some 'mom' shop time in JCPenney's and he gladly did. Bargains.. I kid you not. I ended up with a $30 shirt, a $50 short sleave sweater (shirt) and a pair of dress pant reg. $36.... what did I pay? $15.62. Yes. Under $16. I told hubby last night I want to go back and get 3 more nice pieces for under $16.00. Put down that gluestick and head to the mall. Seriously.

I know there was something else I wanted to post, but I can't even think of what it was right now. Check back tomorrow. Maybe it will come to me in a dream. Have a wonderful, wonderful day!


Lisa Dorsey said...

You did such a gorgeous job with the kit Melanie! Love those layouts!

Hilary Kanwischer said...

Such beautiful work as always Melanie. :)

Miki said...

Oh my, these are just stunning Mel! Love all the fun, bright colors you used together! The temptation to go shopping is going to be hard to resist now...those are some great bargains!

justjohanna said...

Beautiful! You did a fantastic job with this kit!