Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Thrift Shop Day

Yeah - you read that right - today is National Thrift Shop Day. If you like recycling, or rummage sales, or finding gems at Goodwill or the Salvation Army thrift store, then today is your day.

In honor of National Thrift Shop Day - I created a card. Okay - so it doesn't exactly LOOK like a National Thrift Shop Day card, but it was inspired by the day, nonetheless. I used an Odd Bird Planet stamp and created a quilt-like background for my card. I don't know why I thought of an old quilt and a cat, but I did.

I hope you having a comfy, cozy, lazy August Sunday.



Anabelle said...

What a cute card!!! Love your LT stuff, too. :)

~Nancy~ said...

Such a cute and perfect card Mel!!! Gorgeous colors and the cat stamp is such a perfect touch here!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! XOXOX

Miki said...

Adorable card Mel & I think its perfect for the day! Reminds me of old sweaters you might find.

Kathleen Summers said...

Oh, that card is DARLING! You rock the cards girlfriend!


Godelieve said...

Fantastic quilt background! Perfect for a cat ;)

Julie O. said...

Very cute card Mel. Way to go green! LOL!

About your's a no go for me. That's okay. More scrappy time and more Kelsey time! yeah!