Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun with Color

If you haven't picked up the August/September issue of Paper Crafts Magazine, it's a must have. The entire issue is focused on color and different ways to use it - or not use it. From monochromatic creations to hot combos, it's full of tips and ideas.

I made these two card for the coloring book section. (That's pretty much self-explanatory, right?) The papers in the Live Out Loud card are from Sweetwater.

For the Best Friends Card, the papers are from KI Memories. I used Prismacolor pencils on both cards to add the pop of color.

Meanwhile, I was informed recently that I have been tagged. Yes, tagged. As if you really want to hear more things about me. Lovely Anabelle has tagged me, so, well, I sort of have to.

Here are six random things about me.

1. Yes, I eat crawfish. Not often, but if you bring me some, I'll definitely dive in.

2. I love the beach. I could sit on the beach for hours and hours and hours.

3. I can still jumprope. To the dismay of my teenage son, I can jumprope for long periods of time, and cross my arms while I jump - and uncross and keep going.

4. I recently discovered I can no longer hoola-hoop. I'm going to work on that.

5. I once played the flute and the clarinet. I do not own either, but I do own a saxaphone. Oh, I can sort of play it.

6. If I forget a person's name, I sometimes go through the alphabet in my head until I hit the letter their name starts with. It works most of the time.

Now I'm going to pass this fun little tag on to 6 poor unfortunate people. Sorry, folks, that's the rules.

Here goes tags to:

1. Julie
2. Donna
3. Miki
4. Hilary
5. Gabby
6. Sonda

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!


Miki said...

LOVE your coloring book style cards. They are so much fun!! Thanks for tagging me, it was fun. That is so funny about the hula hoop. I have found that it is definitely harder than it used to be, LOL!

Lisa Dorsey said...

Love those cards Melanie! So glad you were tagged. I loved reading all the fun facts about you. :)

Linda Beeson said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! What fun cards.

Anabelle said...

Hee hee, you crack me up you jump roping, saxaphone playing, crawfish eating goddess. ;) LOVE the cards!

Sonda T said...

you are so silly!! Ok...i will get to those facts asap.