Monday, November 05, 2007

The Spinning Dancer

Someone showed me this spinning dancer (link below). What is so bizarre is that depending on your left-brain / right-brain dominance, she will be either spinning clockwise or counterclockwise. I only saw it one way until I "made" my brain see it the other

Wanna play???

Here's the link: The Spinning Dancer

One of my friend insisted that the computer image was "changing". My son also said that until he realized it was just his perception. (gee, sounds like something we can apply to our lives, huh). I turned my head sideways and stared at the balancing foot and actually saw her swing half way to the left, then bounce back half way to the right - and so on. (Hmmm..wonder if that means my brain is really out of whack??)

No need to comment on my last statement.


Fink said...

Funny tried her again here and I saw her counter clockwise! Does that mean my brain doesn't work at all????

Natalie said...

I see her clock wise, dh sees her counter and my dd see her spin one way than the other. How wierd!!!