Sunday, November 25, 2007

Just so you know...

I did NOT drop off the face of the earth. I did not go on vacation. I am not working on a secret project and I have not lost internet connection.

I have been working fast and furious on craft projects and have also pulled out the paint and canvas to get some paintings done. If I am lucky - I will be able to complete some small paintings to put on ebay for people to purchase for holiday gifts. I would think they would be quite collectible being that they will be only a small handful of paintings from my offered in 2007. We'll see.

I've basically been home with the kids for nine straight days (since they get a whole week out for school). I've missed some of my spin classes due to other pre-holiday tasks, but I enjoyed cooking for Thanksgiving.

My daughter actually caught on to what it means to let mom sleep late- of course it was the last day of the long nine day stretch. Once she realized that some people like to sleep longer than she does and that waking them from a dream to say "hi - I'm awake" isn't something desireable. She make herself a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast, got a Sunny D and watched cartoons while I slept an extra hour. And it was raining outside... it was nice to sleep in. I almost forgot what it was like.

So.... as soon as I'm brave enough to go into the stores, I'll be purchasing some storage bins for my Fall decorations and getting ready for the Christmas. No matter how much I am not ready for it.

Did any of you venture out this past Friday? My mom called from the mall at 8am and said "It's a madhouse". I said "what's new?". LOL

I'll try to get some projects or photos up soon. later!


Lynn Anne said...

Always love to see what you're working on - canvas OR paper. Have fun with your muse :)

Donna Bryant Durand said...
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