Thursday, March 01, 2007

March already???

Where did February go??? I fought a nasty lingering cold for 3 weeks, right after I got back from CHA. It seems that the month flew while I played couch potato. Well, we went from freezing temps to highs in the 70's in those 3 weeks. No wonder I've been sneezing.

Okay - Okay - I just wanted to pop in and share some more pics from the trip (that seems like way back when...

This is me and Anabelle on one of the rides at Toon Town(yes, a kiddie ride). I left her red eyes there on purpose - makes it look scary!

Me and Linda with Stacy Croninger, Editor-in-Chief of Papercrafts Mag. I was so happy to finally meet the Papercrafts ladies. Jennafer was kind enough to take these pics for us.

Me and Linda with Jennafer Martin, Managing Editor for Papercrafts.

Me, Linda, Anabelle, Kelly and of course, Mickey.

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