Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's a Puppy!!!

okay- okay- not a "real" puppy. This is a story about my silly little dachshund Jasmine. Her adventures inspired me to write my first entry in a blog. So what's up with her now? She thinks she's a mommy! This isn't the first time she's done this. More like, at least the third. I've lost count. Her puppy is a little pink puppy that I brought back to her from my trip to California. When I told Arielle I had suprises for her and daddy and Daniel, she said "What about Jasmine?". So the next store I went in - believe it or not, had pint size pet toys. It was just a toy until last week. It is now her pride and joy. She carries it everywhere with her and, until we put her bed in the pet carrier (which we only use when we need to confine her - a rare thing) she was unsettled. She roamed from room to room whimpering. I tried putting her in our closet, but she wasn't satisfied. One night Jeff told me to go look in Arielle's stuffed animal toybox and there she was, nestled in on top of Minnie Mouse and a lion, nursing her fake pink baby. Arielle didn't want her in her room (poor Jazzy), so that is when we got the crate out. It has been her sanctuary. Want a peek at the new mommy and her bundle of fluff?

I guess I need to make a scrapbook page about Jazzy's and her baby. Really, I miss my dog. She stays in her "nursery" all day. I have to make her come out to eat and do doggy biz.

I'm loving my new work space. I'll be working some brand spanking new product this week for product packaging. I'm so glad my room is ready for fresh inspiration. Speaking of inspiration - these are the first two layouts I've created in my new room.

The first is using 'Story of a Seed' collection from Dream Street papers.

This spring page uses Karen Neuberger's Serenity line from Paper Salon.

And a note to Margaret. I'm so sorry I haven't blogged regularly in like - forever. I'll try to remember that you need to rest your eyes from all the paper work and try to make your visit here worth your while - but - well, things aren't THAT interesting. LOL So glad you have a slew of other scrapbooker blogs to stalk. *wink*

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