Friday, September 30, 2005

I think Fall finally made it to the South

Welcome Fall! I think Fall has finally made it to the south. I opened up the door a few days ago and AAGHH - cool air. My dog is even insisting on sitting outside IN THE SUN to get warm. Don't get me wrong - we still need the A/C going but it was cool enough for hubby to trim bushes without sweating in the evening. Fall reminds me of bon fires with roasted weiners and marshmallows. I'm strange - I love my marshmellows nice and toasted - even scorched (dare I say burnt?). When we were younger - I remember having the largest bonfire ever. Dad had all the pinetrees cut from the front yard and that was the fuel for the fire. We even have photos of it (somewhere?). I love seeing harvest decorations in people's yards when you drive by (reminder... have hubby go to attic for fall wreath..) It's like fall is the "yellow light"... it means slow down and take a breather. Afterall, Thanksgiving is right around the corner - time to be t-h-a-n-k-f-u-l - especially after so many have suffered so much of a loss with the recent storms.

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