Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The weird walking stick bug

Okay - so I never thought I wanted to blog. Do I have the time? What do I write about? Would it be interesting enough? Bla bla bla... So today my dachshund, Jasmine (Jazz for short - no pun intended for a long dog) kept wanting in and out and in out. She usually does NOT like to go outside by herself. We even have to stand on the patio for her to do her doggie thing. She's such a weinie (again - no pun intended). So yesterday I thought she saw a lizard on the patio. I don't ever "show" her lizards because the times that I did, well, they didn't have a very long life span after that. So outside over and over I let her go. Then she started barking - very intensely - hmmm... wondered what it was? I looked and she was in attack position against - a "weird stick bug". It was a praying mantis. Not a walking stick - a full - fledged praying mantis. I think this bug must have been the "high priest" of the area - he was rared up with his "hands" up trying to claw at Jasmine, and he had a set of wings all flared out behind him. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen of this nature. I told my daughter to come and see the "weird stick bug" trying to attack Jasmine. I didn't even take a photo - I didn't want to interfere with what I was watching. Jasmine tried to bite at this poor weird thing - then I felt sorry for it. As "big" as he thought he was - and in the bug world I'm sure he was hot stuff, he was nothing compared to my vicious attack dog. (snicker). I told her what a good dog she was in defending her family from the weird stick bug and that I would give her a milk bone if she came in. She agreed to that and came in. I stood by the door and watched this rather freaky looking insect make its way back to safety to the grass in the backyard. I wonder if he has nightmares about being attached by the "weird long canine".

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