Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pie and Taylor Swift

I'm on a quest to find the perfect chocolate cream pie recipe. One like my grandma made (I know, that's what everyone says, huh). So - that means I'll be baking several pies in the next few weeks.

Here is Pie Number One
Problem: took too long to cook in double boiler and therefore the chef (me) abandoned the boiling before it got thick.
- tastes great but runny. Hubby ate it all anyway. (gotta love a man that will cook whatever you consider less than par).

Here is Pipe Number Two
Problem: After researching and comparing recipes - I settled for one in Taste of the South magazine (plus it had a nice photo). Half way in the cooking process, I noticed it didn't call for eggs in the recipe. ALL the other similar ones did. What to do? Hmmm.... eggs or no eggs.... So, I added eggs as in the other recipes.
Result - success.

And then there's Taylor Swift. I took the little miss to her concert this week. Making a note to NOT ever get floor seats unless they are VIP seats right next to the stage. LOL. Why do people STAND during a concert when they are on the floor. NO one can see over your head unless you are 6 feet and 50 inches tall.

But..........wait. What is the commotion BEHIND us in the middle of the concert???
(don't read this if you are planning on going to a Fearless tour and you don't like spoilers)


She came and got on a rotating stage about ten feet from us. I told my daughter not to move because we couldn't be in a better place. I was in photography la-la-land as well as being so happy I could actually SEE the show.

Great concert! Thanks for stopping by. I'm off to excercise after eating that piece of chocolate pie!!!



Anonymous said...

Oh, that pie looks absolutely delicious! Please share the recipe!!! Terri (who is now craving chocolate cream pie)

Linda Beeson said...

Well, I saw those pies look marvelous - YUM and cool on the concert and the pics.

Hilary Kanwischer said...

Awesome!!! And I'm commenting on both. :) Yay for pie, and yay for Tay!! I'm excited cause I got Paisley in less than a month!!! Wahooooooo!! :)

Kristen Swain said...

yum yum, those pies look great- is that meringue on top? the concert pics are great, my oldest is sooo jealous as she was sitting here looking with me and just about died when she saw how close you were!!

Chelsea Ling said...

that pie looks delish