Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's on your Schedule?

Q: What's on your TV schedule for tonight?
A: LOST's season finale!!

I'm sooo into Lost. It's one of the few TV show (series) that I watch. Well, probably the only one. American Idol doesn't count b/c it's not a series. So... okay - it's the only one. I didn't start out watching it the first 2 seasons (okay- so kick me!). A friend of mine - a rather young one, since I used to babysit him - told me it was really, really, good. So I tried to watch it and was so lost that I decided to start at the very beginning (as Julie Andrews would sing). So, I did. One weekend my hubby and son were out of town. I rented the first DVD. I loved it. I rented the 2nd. Then they came home. I made them watch it and I rewatched it with them. That was how it started.

And on to other things!

Here are some cards I made last month for Creative Xpress. I used Basic Grey papers and the Cricut. If you need some Cricut inspiration, here's a blog that really opened my eyes on cool new ways to use my cricut cartridges -it's called Bitten By The Bug. Check it out!

Well - I'm off to get LOST today! Have a great day and weekend.

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Hilary Kanwischer said...

Oh Melanie....those are the cutest cards EVER!!! I love the big letters, and big corners....WOW!!! I love em. :)