Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Where has it gone?

Where has the summer gone? It's almost over. Since we went to Walt Disney World - that took the place of our beach vacation. It's HARD because I feel like I'm missing something - not being at the beach. Maybe...just maybe.. we can squeeze in a weekend after Labor Day - a short weekend. Just to be able to go. We'll see. Frankly - I'm looking forward to school starting and getting everyone into new routine. Including myself. I think my dog will have a new routine, too. She'll actually be able to nap as much as she wants until school is over - or unless mom bugs her or the UPS man rings the doorbell. Or if I tell her a lizard is on the patio. Otherwise - she'll be entering a new phase of "it's a dog's life".

Here are a couple of new pages, just for fun. The group photo was taken at our last crop at the scrapbook store before it closed. A fun but bittersweet time.

This page was made with items from the July Poppy Ink kit. My daughter just loves this one. She's learned to read the titles and remembers telling me she wanted to fly.

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Cindy said...

Beautiful layouts!