Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Yikes... it's almost gone!

The month of May, that is. WOW! I thought it was supposed to slow down once school is out. We have ballet rehearsals all week. We had kindergarten roundup today. A couple of weeks ago we went to Daniel's school art show. And this weekend was a very special birthday celebration for my mother-in-law. I won't share her age, since it's not polite and all for southern ladies to tell their age. But she doesn't look at ALL the age she is. I hope my kids inherited that "look young when you are not" gene.

Some of the new May Self-Addressed Kit club creations are finally up. Here are my projects. This was a great kit. Check it out (link is in the side-bar).

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Lynn Anne said...

beautiful projects Melanie - and where DID May go? I just can't figure.