Saturday, July 08, 2006

Summer Fun

Are you looking for more Paper Salon sneak peeks? Well, it will be later today. The first peeks are in the previous blog. How about some entertainment while you wait?

My kids went walking down to their grandpa's sunflower garden. Yes, I said sunflower garden. When grandpa does something, he does it big. Not one but two very, very, very long rows of sunflowers. Why?It's for the birds. Really. So, we all went to see the sunflowers up close and personal, but there was a problem. He had just tilled the dirt around the rows Dark, rich, yummy garden dirt and it had rained. Yes - that means mud. Squishy, gooshy mud. Me and Arielle opted to go barefoot, but Daniel borrowed a pair of Grannies shoes. So off we went.

Now I have to tell you about Jasmine. Jazzy isn't a typical dog. Jazzy LOVES the water, is known to have voluntarily jumped into Arielle's kiddie pool, and drinks from the faucet. She LIKES you to squirt her with the super squirt gun, and in these pics, she's jumping up and biting the water spout from the water hose. Meet Jazzy - the amazing aqua dog.

(okay - I have more pics to upload but blogger isn't cooperating. I'll try again later)

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Anonymous said...

way cool pics, chicka!! OMG...that sunflower is AWESOME!! ~Sonda