Monday, July 17, 2006

If I'm a dog person...then

....why are there four cats living in my house?

Last weekend I heard a neighborhood dachshund barking on our street. I "know" the bark of a dachshund because I've had them all my life. I opened the window and told it to "go home" (2 blocks over) and it did. The next morning it was back. This time I decided to go out and see why it was coming to our street. Very odd behavior. Well, there was another dog and it seemed they were barking at a cat. The cat was in the street in front of our house. I told the dogs to "go home" (and they did). I went to the cat to see if it had been hit by a car, bitten,etc... It was "acting a bit weird" (which to me means - it didn't run away when I approached it). Other than it looked starved - I didn't notice anything - but I had huge compassion and took it a chicken breast and put it by the mailbox. I know, I know - you don't feed a cat - but I decided I'd live with the consequences.

The next morning my hubby was off work, and we heard her. He said "Your cat is calling you". At least the dogs weren't out there. It sat outside the front door and cried that mornng. We went to a movie before noon, and hubby got home first. The cat was in the garage with 3 kittens. I left the garage door up 6 inches in case the post man needed to leave a box. Well, I got a delivery - but not a package. We made a bed in our dog's pet carrier and gave her food and water. We checked on her periodically and left the garage door cracked for her at night so she could roam. The next day I came home from an errand and there was only 1 kitten in the box. I freaked. I called the shelter (who was full anyway) and she said the mother may have abandoned it - or was moving them. I have to admit- the garage was hot - we live in the south. She began to tell me how to care for a newborn kitten and my jaw dropped. I told her "I will FIND that momma". So I went outside and called her - well, not being my cat I didn't know her name or how to call her - but "here kitty, kitty" seemed to work. She came from the shrubs. I immediately picked her up and put her in the pet crate with the kitty and told her to feed it. I had no idea how long it had been abandoned or if it even was. I then had my son to carefully seek out the babies in the bushes - which he did. We put them back in and I locked her in. I discussed this with the shelter and we all agreed to hold them hostage in my laundry room for their well-being.

now - you must realize - I am a dog person - and I live with a dachshund. So having 4 cats in my laundry room (oh, and I'm allergic to cats - achoooo!) is strange. ANyhoo - it's been almost 1 week and miss little stray cat and her babies are doing well. She's gained alot of weight and is very friendly. The cat shelter has a waiting list which we are on, but the good news is that they will be moving to a new location in 3 or 2 weeks and they think they will have room. I know we will miss "fun kitten play time" b/c they will just be getting around by them, but I will know they are well cared for and will hopefully go to a good home.

Meanwhile - I keep having to apologize to my dachshund for the strange noises in the laundry room and why mom disappears behind the door for short cat visits. Anyhoo - if you saw my earlier post about the baby birds and "empty nest" syndrome - I guess this is my fix for that. I'll get some pics later. Want one? Want them all? I'll throw in the pet carrier, cat food, and kitty litter for free.

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AnneMarie said...

my dds would gladly take your kittens- lol! and the cat too... but they would be barn kitties here :) need some for my barn. I used to have a barn cat- got her hte same way you got yours... feeding it! lol! she was a great cat! wish I could show you a pic.. maybe in my blog :)

love your blog- so neat and clean- how did you get the look so seamless? I want to learn :)