Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday Ramblings

About two weeks ago I was watering my hanging ferns. I took one down so I could place it on the ground while I watered, and much to my surprise - there was a nest with five eggs in it! Yikes. I immediately put it back up and then noticed the mom AND the dad. House finches. So from then on I was careful to only water the part of the fern on the other side of the nest. Afterall, we don't need the fern to die since it is providing much needed shade for the new family. Well, about a week ago I noticed the mom was not "sitting" on the nest anymore - but perching on its side with her head towards the nest. Yep - we have baby birds now. I can always tell when the mom and dad are at the nest - there is a choir of wee chirps - very musical.

I was recently very honored to have Aussie Scrap Source ask if they could put the "Smile" page (posted below) on their wonderful blog. Check it out at Aussie Scrap Source.

And one more bit of "me" news (why do I feel so funny sharing this??) My husband phoned from work one day this week to inquire "How are you"... "I'm fine"... "Well, good... since you're famous"... One of his co-workers noticed this in the newspaper.

They put a photo in the actual paper. A very, very, very cropped photo of my face. That could be good, or that could be bad. Someone reading the paper wouldn't *know* that was me at first glance - with only eyes, nose and mouth showing. Like I said, that could be good or bad, depending if I were in hiding or not.

We'll see.

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