Saturday, February 04, 2006


The Flair Booth looked FABULOUS! The girls did a wonderful job setting it up. The new rub ons, scrapbeads and bag of tags are HOT as well as the True Love collection. The Flair Girls are fabulous. We all wore Flair T's on the last day. We went to Fatburger on Monday night (I kept calling it WhataBurger) with Stacy, Karen, Donna and Kelli Noto, Kathi (from scraptalk) and Becky Thompson. Then we went to M&M World (the Giant M&M store as Karen called it - where I thought they sold "giant" M&M's.) I bought some rare colored M&M's for the kids and resisted all the other cool M&M products that I now wish I would have bought. We also visited the coke store a couple doors down.. well, we actually wanted to use the upstairs ladies room facilities. My feet hurt SO BAD from standing in the booth all day and I absolutely could not walk another block that night. Here are more pics.

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